Flickr Gets Video, But Just For 90 Seconds


flickr.gifFlickr has launched its long awaited video feature, and it’s an interesting addition. First of all, all videos are limited to 90 seconds, and secondly, only pro users can upload videos (everyone can view and embed them though). Why is that?

Well, the idea is to look at video as photos moving, which goes very well with the Flickr approach, something that is pushed on the Flickr blog launch post, no doubt to shut up the criticism. 90 second video is one thing, but limiting to pro users only? I expect people to react, or just go to YouTube, because of that.

Pro is $25/year, by the way. I found the need for it when I was in Japan since I uploaded too many photos, but that’s a completely different story.

What do you think? 90 second videos, will that take off for anyone not being a hardcore Flickr user?

Seesmic Acquires Twhirl

Twhirl is a free kickass desktop Twitter client using Adobe AIR, which means that it is available on both Windows and Mac platforms, and Linux soon (Adobe AIR 1.0 is out, so Twhirl should be too, soon at least). I’m a user myself since a few days now, and I like it.

And now it belongs to Seesmic, the video blogging community service (or whatever you want to call it) that lets you blog using your webcam, or upload video posts for that matter.

TechCrunch broke the story, which prompted a 20 reasons why blog post by Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur, and a video as well.

Naturally, Seesmic will be added to Twhirl, although the feature will be optional. Twhirl will remain free, and the developer, Marco Kaiser, will continue his work on the client as an employee of Seesmic.

Vodpod announces four new video widgets for blogs

Vodpod, which we featured last year, has announced four new types and styles of widgets available, offering “new and enhanced functionality”.

The single video sized widget can be popped in top left or right of a blog, offering functionality in a small area of space.

Next up in size are updated top and sidebar video widgets, offering views of four or five videos at a time. The sidebar widget comes in three styles: elegant, floating, and boxy.

The largest new widget is “gallery style”, designed to take up most of a web page, and showing ten video thumbnails and a larger window for the currently playing video.

All of the new widgets make it easy for users to scroll through the video collection.

More information about the new widgets is available on Vodpod’s “New (and beautiful!) widgets for your blog” blog entry.

Guardian, Salon journalists start daily video blogs on Current TV

A number of journalists working at the UK’s Guardian newspaper, and at Salon, will begin daily vlogging (video blogging) on Current TV, Al Gore’s integrated TV and web platform.

The Guardian is already well advanced in the use of online media and blogging, and Salon is a well-established online media publication, so it seems like a natural progression into video.

“When we were approached by Current TV we knew that their profile and outlook was highly compatible with the Guardian,” said Emily Bell, director of digital content, Guardian News & Media.

The advantage of partnering with Current TV is that the content will be broadcast on UK cable and satellite TV, packaged for the web, and be used on the content owners’ web sites.

“We are very excited about the partnership and think it will bring our journalism to a wider audience and help us showcase our best blogging talent in a video format,” Bell continued.


Shiny Media offering six-month video internship prize, courtesy of LG (again)

Apologies to my US friends peeking over from above a turkey-laden table, but here’s some more indulgence for us Brits.

Shiny Media has launched a second competition in association with LG, this time offering two lucky people a six-month video blogging internship.

If presenting is your thing, then simply shoot some footage of you at your best. If you prefer video editing, no problem. Take some of the supplied raw footage and turn it into a masterpiece.

You’ve got about three weeks or so to submit something, with the competition closing on 14th December.

The two lucky winners will receive training by top talent in video blogging, the opportunity to contribute to videos that are watched by a daily audience of thousands, an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona to cover the 3GSM World Congress next year, a blog on which you can share your experiences, and a new LG Viewty phone.

Unfortunately, it’s only open to those in the UK (you’ll be working at Shiny HQ in London). For much more information about the competition, visit the official competition web site: LG Video Media Talent Award, or visit the YouTube channel to view the videos and vote.

Disclosure: Andy writes for several of Shiny Media’s blogs

Boing Boing TV launches

The co-editors at Boing Boing, one of the world’s most popular and influential blogs, and Federated Media today launched Boing Boing TV. Boing Boing TV features daily video reports three to five minutes long that are as insightful and entertaining as the wildly popular blog. Boing Boing TV will be available anytime, on demand, free of charge.

Boing Boing TV was created in partnership with DECA, the newly announced digital entertainment studio that creates, finances, markets, and distributes digital entertainment properties.

Boing Boing TV is represented by International Creative Management, one of the world’s largest talent and literary agencies. ICM assisted in brokering the deal between DECA and Boing Boing.

We wonder what Turner Broadcasting is planning to do with the domain

English soccer league sues YouTube

English football’s Premier League suing YouTube for alleged copyright infringement. The league’s lawsuit said that YouTube, owned by Google, had “knowingly misappropriated and exploited this valuable property” by encouraging footage to be viewed on its site. Last October, the Premier League wrote to YouTube, asking it to take down online material which it said infringed the legal rights of its partners and clubs. The Premier League is claiming unspecified damages.

HungryFlix inks content deal, provides online distribution for film festivals announced a new content distribution deal with Tempe DVD, a leading distributor of independent horror films. Tempe has provided ten independent films in high resolution 640×480 MPEG4 format to for online distribution as digital downloads. All files support playback on Apple TV, fifth generation iPods and on computers running iTunes. CEO Brian Andrews said, “We are thrilled to provide independent producers and filmmakers with online distribution to the Apple TV. Independents now have the power to distribute their content to multiple devices at basically no cost. We feel that the benefits of this new model can not be understated and we look forward to more content partnerships.” has also announced that its online distribution platform is now open to film festivals looking to add digital downloading to their offerings. The web startup will provide all hosting, bandwidth and payment processing for the film festival. The site’s standard profit sharing model in which profits will be split between the content provider and the online distributor will apply.

Blue chip advertisers on board with Joost launch

Joost, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service, announced that it has signed 32 leading companies from around the world as advertising launch partners. Talk about The Coca Cola Company, HP, Intel, Nike, Microsoft, Warner Bros, among others. The launch is expected this Spring.

“The industry response to Joost has been overwhelming, as is evidenced by the caliber of our launch partners,” said Nick Loria, senior vice president of global advertising, Joost. “Online video distribution is becoming an increasingly competitive medium for advertisers, and Joost delivers a distinct environment: the ability to micro-target audiences with new and unique ads during professionally-produced programming.”

“Joost has attracted partners from every major brand category because we offer an advertising platform that is similar to TV, with high-quality programming; and we’re providing unparalleled user statistics and insights, as well as an unmatched level of interactivity, targetability and measurability,” said David Clark, executive vice president of global advertising, Joost.