Who will be the next Internet millionaire?

Internet veteran and New York Times best-selling author, Joel Comm, announced auditions for his new web reality show, “The Next Internet Millionaire.”

Filming in July and August of this year and set to air worldwide for thirteen weeks in the fall, The Next Internet Millionaire will seek to find the best new entrepreneurial talent who will then be competing for a cash prize of $25,000 and an opportunity to partner with Joel Comm in a new joint venture that could generate millions of dollars. Oh I thought the winner will get a million… just an opportunity to generate a million. [Watch the promotional video]

CollegeGrad.com, InterviewStream inks partnership

As the class of 2007 finalizes their post-graduation plans, CollegeGrad.com, an entry level job site, and InterviewStream, an online interviewing site for college campuses, announced an exclusive partnership to deliver online video for college students and recent grads to assist in their job search.

This new joint platform will provide online video capabilities for video resumes, online interviewing and online virtual environments, such as virtual career fairs.

“We are excited about our new partnership with InterviewStream, which provides the most technologically advanced platform for online interviewing available today on the Web,” said Brian Krueger, President of CollegeGrad.com. “Any job board can host video clips produced and edited by job seekers. However our new platform integration will fundamentally change the way job search is conducted over the Internet and enable employers to see & hear recorded responses to certain interview questions online.”

Joost inks HealthiNation as content partner

HealthiNation, a New York City-based digital health network, announced that it will be a featured content partner on Joost, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service. HealthiNation’s advertisers will be offered a range of interactive features such as interactive overlays, integrated video placement opportunities and other engagement oriented features.

Joost’s platform offers HealthiNation’s complete health video library, which features compelling digital bio-animation sequences, on-camera doctors and real-life patient experiences on a wide range of health topics like diabetes, pregnancy, cancer treatment, autism and nutrition.

“Online video viewers are looking for engaging and high-quality content experiences, which drives the need for flexible consumer platforms and great content.” said Raj Amin, HealthiNation CEO. “In this new environment, marketers need more tools to connect with this engaged and sophisticated video viewer, which is why we’re pleased to be working with Joost, which offers a slick consumer experience with a variety of features for consumer engagement.”

Any question? Go to Jabbits

Jabbits Inc., the Denver-based innovator of webcam consumer research, has launched a new video question and answer tool that is likely to revolutionize video communications for both personal and business purposes, and bridge an existing gap between two major online services.

The new tool allows members of the Jabbits community to upload video of questions to which they are seeking answers, from webcams, mobile phones or camcorders. The free service allows other users to view those questions and upload answers, or ask questions of their own.

Jabbits users have the option to record a Public Question, posted to the entire community, or record a Private Question where answers are solicited in a private, invitation-only environment. Jabbits has been designed to bridge two fast-growing online categories – engaging video sites and interactive Q&A sites – and represents the first truly-integrated service of its kind.

Any question? Post it at Jabbits instead.

A Remix Culture


I’m a fan of remixes and mashups. A couple years back mashups exploded onto the scene. One of the most downloaded albums of all time is Danger Mouse’s Grey Album – a creative mashup of JayZ’s black album and the Beatles’ White Album. The Grey Album was plagued by copyright issues and couldn’t be officially released but that only fueled demand and massive downloads via p2p networks.

They often say where audio goes video follows. Bands were crafting their own master pieces via their desktop computers long before it was possible to edit video on consumer gear. But with the current explosion in user generated content, large numbers of people are spitting out content for mass audiences consumption. It seems likely that the next evolution in user-gen might just be found within in a remix / mashup environment.

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James Blunt, Hard-Fi, other musicians to start moblogging via Shozu

According to New Media Age, musicians includiing James Blunt, Hard-Fi, Air Traffic, Gisli, The Aliens, and Funeral For a Friend are to start moblogging (mobile blogging) thanks to their record companies giving them Shozu-enabled mobile phones.

Shozu allows high quality photos and video to be uploaded to a number of sites, including YouTube and Flickr, with a key press.

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Women not into online videos

Women are not really into Internet videos. A study by eMarketer revealed that 97 million women in the US will use the Internet this year compared with 91 million men. The report also says that only 66 percent of those women are watching videos online compared to 78 percent of men. Not really that much gap.

“Men are more visual than women, who tend to communicate in writing and or in words,” said Debra Aho Williamson, senior analyst with eMarketer and the author of the report.

Williamson also said that despite the growth of YouTube, women have not been part of the site’s traffic spike.

Women do not watch online videos because there are no videos suited for them. Come up with videos for them and they will be flocking online as well. By the way, MarthaStewart.com now has full videos of their past day’s show. This can be a good start.

Dabble indexes 10 million videos, a no joke feat

Dabble.com, a hub for finding, sharing and organizing rich media from anywhere on the web, announced that it has indexed more than 10 million videos since coming out of private beta eight months ago.

Dabble’s index of over 10 million videos (now growing at 2.5 million new videos a month) means users only have to visit one destination to search for video and other rich media. Dabble doesn’t directly host any media; the search engine keeps track of the bookmarks, or links, to wherever the media is stored on the web along with all the rest of the essential details about the media. Dabble users add to this details and notes, correct mistakes and share what’s valuable to them about the media. This “team effort” enhances the details surrounding the Web’s video inventory and lets Dabble know why a video is valuable, enabling the Dabble engine to return exceptionally accurate search results. [Read more…]

Travel Ad Network introduces video ad platform via LonelyPlanet.tv

Travel Ad Network, is integrating video advertising with site content on its 50-site network starting with Lonely Planet‘s online video site. Travel Ad Network is serving pre-roll video ads to monetize the content.

“Our mission is to help travel sites in our network generate new revenue from advertisers who want to take advantage of the increasing number of video views,” said Cree Lawson, CEO of Travel Ad Network.

While the ad network has served in-banner video for a variety of advertisers in the past, this is the first time the network has introduced an integrated video product.

Wolf freed, wants pizza and beer

Video blogger Joshua Wolf was looking forward to pizza and beer after a record-setting stint behind bars. He was finally freed after cutting a deal with prosecutors wherein he agreed to turn over his uncut video of a July 2005 protest during the G-8 economic summit. During the rally, anarchists were suspected of vandalizing a San Francisco police car and one city officer was struck resulting to a fractured skull.

He refused, under the deal, to testify before the grand jury about the events at the protest or the identities of participants. “I will not under any circumstances testify before a grand jury,” Wolf said.

His prison time surpassed the previous record set by Vanessa Leggett, a Houston-based freelancer who served 168 days in 2001 and 2002 for declining to reveal unpublished material about a murder case. Wolf spent 226 days in prison.

Here is his first public statement as a free Wolf.