Social Media Is Popular But Email Is Still The Reigning King [Study]

Email vs Social Media

Email vs Social MediaAs a country, perhaps even as a planet we have become increasingly obsessed with social networks and while more than 845 million people may be using Facebook, 140 million are on Twitter and Google+ is about to reach 100 million users that hasn’t stopped email from being the number one source of internet communications.

Research firm Ipsos recently polled 19,216 adults in 24 countries and they found that 85% of those polled said internet email was an important part of their communication structure while just 62% admitted to using social networks.

Of course how people actually use the internet greatly differs from one country to the next. For example in Hungary 94% of internet users choose to log into their accounts just to check email while just 46% of Suadi Arabians choose email as their main reason for logging onto the web.  [Read more…]

Must Have iBlogging Apps: GrandDialer And Fring


One of the reasons I love VoIP technology is the fact that it allows bloggers to interact with readers, companies and (if you are lucky) conduct phone interviews–without using up any of your minuets.

Although there are many VoIP services out there, the one that I have come to love the most is GrandCentral (a VoIP service owned by Google), as it allows you to embed a button on your blog, giving your readers (and potential advertisers) an extra option to contact you directly without revealing your mobile number (or even theirs, which is great for anonymous tips).

Despite the fact that Google has not (yet) created an iPhone app for GrandCentral, a third party company called GGT Enterprises has developed a free iPhone app called GrandDialer which basically gives iPhone users “unlimited” calling (regardless of their plan)–as long as they live in the US of A (more on that below).

Since GrandDialer (through GrandCentral) may not appeal to many international readers, I have included a brief overview of another iPhone app called Fring below. [Read more…]