Internet Explorer 8 Safest Browser Available. WHAT???

Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer logoSeeing on a Saturday morning an entry titled Most Secure Browser: Internet Explorer 8 in my feedreader certainly did not help my hangover and having read the entry 3 times now I think I still am living a vivid Friday night session. Bloggers love Firefox and many of us will never change because of the flexibility and extensions available for Firefox. You need to know it though: the safest browser out there is Internet Explorer 8!

I am sure you now all have fired up IE8 of course. Nor did I, but that’s mainly because I’m on a Mac and have not touched Windows at all anymore since I switched two years ago. Still it is a fact now and Microsoft Evangelist Giorgio Sardo published the results of a security poll, conducted by NSS Labs among the 5 top browsers and Internet Explorer 8 came out on top. [Read more…]

Norway Does Battle with IE6, Twitter Tracks It

IE6: The Final Battle

IE6: The Final BattleNo one likes Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 for short), a web browser that’s been around since 2001 and just won’t die. Designers truly loathe it, because it forces them (us) to do various fixes and ugly hacks that just shouldn’t be needed these days. And users, well, they should loathe it but obviously they don’t know better.

If you are using IE6, please switch to IE7, Firefox, Safari, or just about any other web browser out there!

In Norway they are taking it one step further than above. It started as a week long experiment (still ongoing as I’m writing this), but it seems to be evolving to an actual movement to stop the use of IE6. And that’s good for the web. [Read more…]