6 Million Requests Sent to Google to Remove Search Results


Stealing copyrighted content has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of Internet time. However unlike most Internet issues, this is one battle that seems to get grow further and further away from a solution. Despite Google’s many attempts to make sure that content is not duplicated across the web, this August, 2012 turned up nearly 6 million URL search removal requests from Internet users.

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Google PageRank finally demoted, but remains on toolbar

Google PageRank, which has caused its fair share of excitement, disappointment, worry and FUD over the years, finally seems to be on its way out.

Although Google has been telling people not to treat its public PR scores as an all-important metric for some time, the statistic has now been dropped from the Webmaster Tools.

Personally, I didn’t notice (I haven’t observed PageRank for years) but SEO Round Table and others found a thread on the Webmaster Central forums in which Google employee Susan Moskwa says: [Read more…]