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December 7, 2010

Tumblr Returns After 24 Hours Of Downtime

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TumblrIn the movie The Social Network Jessie Eisenberg, starring as Facebook CEO/Founder Mark Zuckerberg discovers that his business partner Eduardo Saverin has taken all the money from their business account, Mark becomes angry when he realizes that server payments could be missed, resulting in site downtime, which leads Mark to explain to Eduardo that Facebook is the site that “Never” goes down and that their users expect that type of service. I bring that scene up because the Tumblr team must be kicking themselves after just coming back online from a 24 hour downtime hiatus caused by server issues.

While the exact cause of the issue which occurred during a scheduled maintenance period has not been released, Tumblr team members have mentioned “database cluster issues” as a culprit.

Tumblr does appear to be taking everything in stride, mentioning that downtime is an issue that startups have to deal with when working on a shoestring budget with a small team of tech minded individuals. According to their blog, the upgrade was “more work than our small team was prepared for.” read more

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