How To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate


If you want to take your website beyond amateur hour, you’ve probably already realised that it’s not enough to get lots of people to visit. If it was, black hat SEO techniques (like putting ‘free porn sex hot girls free car win’ in white text on a white background) would be more excusable mistakes.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not enough. Not only do you need to very quickly convince a searcher that your description in the SERP is their perfect match – you also need them to continue believing that when they arrive at your site.

I’ve got a few pieces of advice to help you get that conversion rate up. [Read more…]

What to do With Your Website Before it’s Ready to Launch


If you want to build excitement, traffic and an audience around your new website or online product launch then your marketing efforts should start from the moment you register the domain name, if not before. In many cases, parked domains are simply a waste of internet real estate and do nothing to help you build your brand or start building a customer base.

There are other more worthwhile but low-effort methods that can be utilised while you work on your site or product behind the scenes and will help you hit the ground running when you are ready for the launch. Don’t leave your domain name doing nothing, or sending traffic to your web host or domain registrar, set it up so that it can at least bring you some benefit before you are ready to unleash the real thing. A simple, well designed temporary page informing visitors briefly what you will be offering them is a vital tool to help to build the buzz. [Read more…]

Effective Guerilla Link Building Strategies


There are many strategies that are effective in achieving the goal of increasing a blog or website’s page rank in search engines. A high page ranking means you’ll get more visits to your website, which is what all blog or website owners want. Among the many strategies that you can use, link building remains one of the most effective strategies.

There are many ways of implementing a good link building strategy for your website or blog. One of the more effective ways of doing this is by using certain guerilla tactics that will generate the links that you need. For example, a popular guerilla link building tactic is to write link bait articles. These are articles that have a compelling content that other sites will want to link to it. It could be a controversial topic or a polarizing opinion. [Read more…]