Does Twitter Really Need An Official Windows App?

As many of you already know, Twitter has launched an official app upon the Mac Store to compliment their universal iOS app.

Twitter is proud to introduce an appropriately slick and simple desktop application for Mac computers. Twitter for Mac has launched today as part of the Mac App Store.

This app gives Twitter users another fast and convenient way to stay connected to what they care about the most. Tweets appear in real-time (using our streaming API), and the app auto-shortens URLs and has lots of useful keyboard shortcuts. (Official Twitter Blog)

After the release of their Mac app, many within the blogosphere and twitter began wondering when the company would launch an official Windows app for the rest of net population.

While Twitter’s embrace of Mac makes sense (if not to absorb the Tweetie for Mac fan base), it might be wise for the company to forgo a Windows app for the following 3 reasons. [Read more…]

Gizmodo duped by scammers, publishes malware-laced ads


gizmodo-we-had-malwareWhen it comes to being scammed, even the big guys can be taken in from time to time.

Gizmodo, Gawker Media’s hugely popular technology/gadget blog, has had to apologise to its readers for allowing ads containing malware to be published on its site during the past week.

Their ad sales team was duped by an elaborate scam that would have infected some users with software that may have caused random passwords and possibly initiated phishing attacks. [Read more…]