WordPress And WordPress MU Will Merge: Good Or Bad?


WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress, which basically means that you can run several WordPress blogs within one WordPress MU installation. It is in many ways similar to WordPress, but adds this functionality along with some other small things that is needed for being your very own blog host. The most well known WordPress MU sites are WordPress.com and Edublogs.

And now, finally, WordPress MU and WordPress will merge. The MU lead developer Donncha O Caoimh said this on his blog:

Basically, the thin layer of code that allows WordPress MU to host multiple WordPress blogs will be merged into WordPress. I expect the WordPress MU project itself will come to an end because it won’t be needed any more (which saddens me), but on the other hand many more people will be working on that very same MU code which means more features and more bugfixes and faster too.

Is this good or bad? [Read more…]

WordPress MU 2.8 Not-Really-Beta

It is not just regular WordPress that is closing in on version 2.8, the multiuser variant, called WordPress MU, is being updated as well. Donncha O Caoimh announced the changes, so far just available from the trunk, but there nonetheless.

I merged WP 2.8 beta1 and I’m fixing bugs. Please install and try it out on a test server! The get_option() and related code is using the same code as WordPress.org which is one of the main reasons I went digging into the object cache. It leans a lot more on the cache than previously. Please test!

Remember, this is not a beta and is not intended for public use, but if you like to see things break then this is your thing. Just put it on a test server. WordPress MU is what powers sites like WordPress.com, among other things. It is for blog hosts (and networks) primarily, not for users.

Blogs.mu: Hosted WordPress MU service launches

A new service has launched which offers bloggers (and aspiring blog network builders) the opportunity to run their own branded WordPress MU-powered cluster of blogs.

Offering both free and paid options, the Blogs.mu concept is simple: allow anyone to set up blogs quickly and simply without having to worry about web hosting, server configuration or installation. [Read more…]

BuddyPress 1.0 Is Out Now

Developer Andy Peatling has announced the BuddyPress version 1.0 release. BuddyPress is a set of plugins for WordPress MU, being the multi-user version of WordPress, and won’t work with a standard install. It adds various Facebook-ish functionalities, you can in fact take it for a spin at testbp.org. That’s the default install.

Peatling mentioned upcoming functionality in his announcement post:

The status updates and gallery components are next on the roadmap, you can expect to see versions of those components appearing later this year. We’ll also be going through the hundreds of enhancement tickets we’ve received, and with your help prioritizing them for future versions.

I’ve been using BuddyPress for a project for some time, and it appears to be working well enough, although it might be a bit tricky for some to setup, just like WordPress MU is. Read more on the official WordPress blog, and download 1.0 from here.

WordPress MU 2.7.1 Is Finally Out

It has taken its sweet time, but WordPress MU version 2.7.1 finally sees the light of day. WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress, the one that powers Edublogs, WordPress.com, and other hosted blog solutions that looks like WordPress but offers free hosting. Andrea on WPMU Tutorials’ got a nice overview of the release, and you should of course check out lead developer Donncha O Caoimh’s launch post.

Download WordPress MU 2.7.1 from here.

WordPress News: Plugins Reach Milestone, New WordPress Community Project, Help to Search for WordPress Help

WordPress Plugins reach 100,000 milestone. Jane Wells working to build new WordPress Community team where everyone can help WordPress. Lots of tools to search for WordPress help out. iPhone for WordPress new version in testing phase. WordPress 2.8 delayed to April 1. PollDaddy has new API and Twitter tool. Want to publish a WordPress Plugin review for the Weblog Tools Collection blog? And a lot of news for WordPress Plugin and Theme developers.

WordPress News Changing: Your input is needed to help the evolve. See “Changing the Blog Herald WordPress News: Your Help Needed” to share your thoughts on the shape of this weekly report.

WordPress News

WordPress Plugins Crack 100,000: According to Westi, WordPress Plugins reach a great milestone and surpassed 100,000 subversion repository check-ins. At 8:17am GMT, Jeff Yen checked in the Google Maps GPS Link WordPress Plugin and goes down in WordPress history with the 100,000th Plugin check-in. Congrats!

There are currently 4,245 Plugins, 22,152,788 downloads in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Have you searched for any interesting Plugins there recently? [Read more…]

The New b5media Revealed

The New b5media Revealed

The New b5media RevealedThe times are changing and so are the blog networks, something that appeared to be a solid business model a couple of years back, but now deemed a rough one if you want to succeed. One company above others are being mentioned whenever blog networks are branded as a failed idea, and that’s b5media. Not because they have failed or anything, but rather because they have all these blogs, and no real focus.

Well, that’s about to change, and starting today at that.

The first big change is Splendicity, something of a portal page for the beauty and style channel at b5media. It’s not a new site, but with the redesign, b5media not only aims to bring something new to the table, they’re also reshaping the logistics of their blog network.

Or, to put it frankly, they have taken their 32 blog strong beauty and style channel, and converted them all to one big site: the new Splendicity.

32 blogs, becomes 1 site. That brings a lot of questions, doesn’t it? [Read more…]

Brazil’s Largest ISP Goes WordPress MU


Brazil ISP iG has launched a blog platform powered by WordPress MU, in Portuguese. BliG, as it is called, is in beta and produced by Incsub, a company specializing in WordPress MU. The project is profiled on the WordPress Publisher Blog, and they think it is great that WordPress MU gets adopted by such a big player in the Brazilian Internet space. That’s true for sure, but add to the fact that there are some 240 million Portuguese speakers, and you’ve got even more potential.

While we’re at it: WordPress MU recently got updated to 2.6.2.

Talking Niche Hosting With the WarhammerBlogs.com Founders


Hosting niche blogs is something I think we’ll be seeing more of, especially when the blog platforms are getting better and better with each release. We have previously covered Teens in Tech, the teens in love with tech blog host by 15 year old Daniel Brusilovsky, and then there’s Open Salon, taking a slightly different approach but at the same time being pretty niche since it looks to engage the Salon readers, certainly a crowd too.

WarhammerBlogs.com is another blog host going after a niche, this time people interested in everything Warhammer. So what is that? Well, it started like a table-top war game by Games Workshop, filled with Orcs and Elves and whatnot trying to kill each other. You would buy a bunch of lead figures, paint them, and then use the rules to bash other armies. Today it is a huge industry, with MMORPG heading for PC gamers, called Warhammer Online, and several spinoffs, like pen-and-paper role-playing games, books, and so on. [Read more…]

Teens in Tech, the WordPress.com for Teens

You got to love the underdog, especially when it is a 15 year old teenager that gets featured, nay hyped, on TechCrunch. Daniel Brusilovsky is getting a lot of praise and encouragement, probably rightly so, although I have no idea if his first project, the teen blog host Teens in Tech, is something special. It is in private alpha, but Jason Kincaid has obviously seen it, since he describes it like this: [Read more…]