Helping in the WordPress Forums is an Education

I haven’t had time to spend much lately on the and Forums, so I set aside an hour to help out, then found myself spending two. The support forums are addictive. Helping people is addictive. And fun.

If you are a , or familiar with the inner workings of , spend some time on their forums. It’s a huge learning experience.
[Read more…] Gets Sticky Posts have rolled out the sticky post feature, said to debut in WordPress 2.7 due in November. This new features let you check a “Stick this post to the front page” box on a per post basis, which will keep the post up top, even if you publish something else after it. Screenshots and more in the announcement post, but you could give it a go yourself if you’ve got a blog, of course. Passes 4 Million Blogs

wpcom4mblogs.gif, Automattic’s hosted version of WordPress, just recently passed a whopping 4 million blogs, as the screenshot above shows. That is some impressive number! I do wonder how many of these are active, and how many are spam? Perhaps the folks over at will touch that in the inevitable blog post announcing breaking 4M, we’ll see. Support Goes 24/7 is now offering support personnel around the clock, according to a post on the official blog.

The time has come for help without delay. We hereby announce 24-7 support on

We’ll try our best to reply to every request within 24 hours — usually much less. How fast can we really go? Send us a request to find out (but please only if you have a question, or want to tell us what a fabulous job we’re doing).

“Help without delay” and “reply to every request within 24 hours” might be a bit dubious when put together like this, but it is definitely a good thing that there’s a support team available 24/7 on

WordPress Wednesday News: WordPress iPhone Upgraded, WordCamp San Francisco Registration, Simon Dickson Rocked the UK, WordPress Theme Directory, and 201,000 Blogs Using WordPress 2.6

WordPress iPhone has already been updated. Over 201,000 blogs using WordPress 2.6. More than 300 WordPress Themes uploaded to the new WordPress Theme Directory. Simon Dickson rocked WordCamp UK with great info on WordPress as a CMS for businesses. WordCamp San Francisco opens registration. Need help tracking changes in WordPress versions? There is now a Plugin that will help your WordPress Themes and Plugins make the transition. WordPress 2.5 is dead. WordPressMU 2.6 is alive. And Mark Jaquith writes a one line WordPress Plugin.

WordPress News

WordPress iPhone: The WordPress iPhone is now at version 1.1 with a lot of improvements and a couple bug fixes. You can learn more about it on the WordPress iPhone Development Blog and study the source code on the WordPress iPhone SVN.

WordPress 2.6 Released: WordPress 2.6 was released last week and appears to be a fairly stable release. It is a mandatory release with security patches and you should Download WordPress 2.6 now. Over 194 bugs were fixed, too. I’ve included a lot of the new features in past issues of the . For those with WordPress Themes that have not been updated to handle the new image placement, see Hack WordPress and WP Lover for technical help.

WordPress 2.6 Stats: Matt Mullenweg released some numbers on WordPress 2.6. Within the first 10 days, there are 201,000 blogs using 2.6. The English version had been downloaded on average 23,000 a day. According to the WordPress Development blog, there have been 34 issues fixed so far for the upcoming release of 2.6.1.
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WordPress MU 2.6, Finally the Versions Makes Sense

WordPress MU is out in 2.6, finally syncing their version history with WordPress, who recently launched 2.6 as well. Donncha O Caoimh’s got the full story as usual, so if you’re even remotely interested in using the WordPress version that powers, his post is for you.

Download WordPress MU 2.6 here.

Fake Steve Jobs Becomes Real Dan Lyons

Fake Steve Jobs, you know, the fake Steve Jobs blog, have closed for the time being. Enter the real Dan Lyons, being the guy behind the whole Fake Steve thing. As far as I can tell, he pretty much rambles on as always on his new blog, incidentally designed by cnp_studio, and is powered by’s VIP hosting plan.

I wonder if people will find the real Dan as interesting as fake Steve?

WordPress Wednesday News: iPhone, 10 Downing Street, WordCamp UK, WordPress 2.6 Rocks, WordPress International, and WordPress Themes Directory

WordPress iPhone mania sweeps the WordPress Community. WordPress will now rule an entire nation. WordCamp UK a resounding hit. WordPress 2.6 appears to be a stable release. The new WordPress Themes Directory is now an extend. WordPress working hard on improving localization and international translations. Go VOTE for your favorite new WordPress Plugin.

WordPress News

iPhone for WordPress: It’s the talk of the web. The WordPress for iPhone brings your WordPress blog to your iPhone. It is Open Source and compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone, and iPod Touch and works with full-versions of (2.5.1 or higher) and . You can download it for free from the iTunes App Store. There is a WordPress iPhone frequently asked questions page to help, and a place to report iPhone WordPress problems. A walk-through video on WordPress for iPhone is on the Automattic Publisher blog. CNet Webware gives a positive review of the iPhone WordPress app, including pros and cons such as uploading photos from your Media Library or from your phone’s camera, and a good post preview. The downside is not being able to copy and paste links and text. It’s all hand HTML coding, too. There are a lot of WordPress mobile options for blogging and keeping up with your WordPress blog via your cell phone.

WordPress Now Rules a Nation: Simon Dickson announced at WordCamp UK that Number 10 Downing new site will be on WordPress.
[Read more…] Enables Support for Google Gears have added a Turbo button in the admin area. This is to enable Google Gears, if your browser supports it, and speed up things using it. For instance, Google Gears is used for offline access to web apps like Google Docs, but how can it benefit

On it is used to store all images and other web page components from the admin area to the user’s PC, speeding up access and reducing unnecessary web traffic.

That’s from the launch post.

Upcoming WordPress 2.6, now in beta 2, will have the same kind of support for Google Gears.