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June 8, 2011

The World’s Most Exclusive Twitter Website. Hint, It Requires Twitter

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Worlds Most Exclusive Website FrontpageIf you want to to be a member of The World’s Most Exclusive Website you have to have some serious online pull. How much pull? First you’ll need an officially verified Twitter account and then it’s all about how popular you are based on follower count.

The website, designed as a digital art project by Jeff Greenspan, Mike Lacher and Chris Baker only accepts users with verified Twitter accounts by connecting to the users Twitter account and verifying their status. Unverified account users are sent to the Olive Garden restaurant website (no that’s not a joke), while verified users can enter the website.

Once inside the users Twitter popularity dictates how far they can move inside the websites pages. For example you may simply enter a nearly blank room with a chair and a broom or you could end up in a room decorated with high class artwork. read more

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