Changing the Blog Herald WordPress News: Your Help Needed

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The that I’ve been producing weekly will soon be changing, evolving naturally into something that meets the needs of the readers and editors. For over two years, every week almost without fail, I’ve brought you a summary of the news from around the WordPress Community. That’s over 110 issues stuffed with a ton of WordPress news, tips, resources, Plugins, and Themes. It’s time for the next step and we want you to be part of the process.

Before it changes too much, I’d like to talk about how it developed, and the choices made along the way, as it may help you if you produce your own newsletter, news digest, or similar report on your blog.

Like any major publication, and this weekly WordPress News is major weekly publication, it must be constructed with a plan and agenda, evolving slowly as the needs and production changes.

It must also serve two key purposes. It must educate and inform the readers, and serve the needs of the company it serves.

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