44 Days Until Yahoo360 Closes Shop

It’s an unfortunate reality that some children never make it to adulthood. In the same vein, some Websites never graduate from beta.

Finally succumbing to the Web Grim Reaper is Yahoo 360. Now if you’re sitting comfortably in the U.S. or Europe, there’s a good chance this news is irrelevant to you. After all, the primary reason Y360 is being shut down is due to lack of use. However, if you reside in Vietnam, where, believe it or not, Yahoo 360 is the #1 blog platform, the news might cut like a knife. (Though it should be no surprise; support ceased back in ’07.) [Read more…]

What Automattic Should Do With WP.com


I’m happy to see that Automattic has been able to acquire WP.com, from Yahoo incidentally, who also sold the blo.gs domain to the creators of WordPress and Akismet not so long ago. Matt is thrilled, and rumor has it* that he spent a full day just typing in wp.com and watching it resolve to wordpress.com (*not confirmed).

Naturally, he blogged it as well, on the WordPress.com blog, asking the world what they should do with the new domain, and urging people to make suggestions in the comments.

My reaction to that: Whaaat?!?!

Are you mad? [Read more…]

Yahoo Treats Automattic To The blo.gs Domain

Matt Mullenweg has announced that Automattic will be giving blo.gs, a ping service of yore, a refresh:

Yahoo! is transferring blo.gs to Automattic for safekeeping and further development. I’ve been a long-time fan of the service, and it even inspired the early WordPress feature which reordered your blogroll based on update times.

Classy move on Yahoo’s part, who obviously have no use for it.

Online Giants’ Ad Growth Halts

TechCrunch mashed together the online advertising revenues of the big 4, being Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL, for the third quarter. The result? Just 0.6% growth, which is still some $50 million increase, but pale in comparison. Read Erick Schonfeld’s post for graphs and more. Also, don’t miss the blog networks roundtable for some more bloggish thoughts on the current financial situation.

Blogger: Do You Want to Share Your Location?

Yahoo geo-location platform, Fire Eagle, has been launched to the public. Developers can now easily include positional data in their applications. For bloggers and social network users, that means you will easily be able to update your physical location.

Since March, Six Apart users have been using this functionality.

I love blogging. Even micro-blogging has won me over. But I’m still not sold that my network of peeps really need to know when I’m crossing country lines.

I’m curious to hear from fellow bloggers. Do you think geo-tagging adds an important dimension to your blog? Do you think it’s creepy? Could you care less?

It should be noted that Fire Eagle allows you to disable tracking at any time. In fact, you can even lie about your location.

You can expect to see the opportunity to post your positional data more frequently in the coming months. Are you in?

Adobe Makes Flash Sites Visible To Google, Yahoo, But Not Microsoft?

It looks as if Adobe has given sight to blind search engines. Previously if web designers of blogs, web sites, etc. coded their site in flash, they would have to give up the ability to have their site indexed by the Google giant, and their whipping boy Yahoo!

Now bloggers, web developers and social networks will be able to remake their sites into “one big eye candy,” without fear on missing out from search engine traffic (aka “Google juice”).
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