Paul Scrivens Takes Over as Splashpress Media Publisher

An organization–including a new media network–is mostly driven by the efforts of all its members. But as with any team, individual members are diverse, each with his (or her) own expertise, personality and quirks. For any organization to reach it’s goals, it needs a capable leader. Sometimes, a leader needs to call the shots. Sometimes, the leader just needs to guide those under him towards the right direction. Always, the leader has to inspire and encourage.

A ship has its captain, an orchestra its conductor. In the case of a new media network, we have our publisher to look up to as our leader. For the past three years that Splashpress Media has existed, we’ve looked up to the capable leadership of our founding publisher Mark Saunders. A private person who preferred to let others shine, Mark has been a kingmaker in this industry and has worked with editors and bloggers who have found their careers and businesses thrive in this increasingly competitive environment. [Read more…]

Paul Scrivens And The Pimp Book


Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens is perhaps best known for being one of the triad behind 9rules. If you thought that running the popular blog networks was all that the 9rulers did, you either didn’t pay attention, or you just don’t care. Either way, the guy known as Scrivs has plans, and they include an ebook on women as well as establishing brands online.

The ebook is called The Guidelines Vol. 1 and is released under the Forever : Pimp brand. While that might or might not excite you, the pre-ordering concept probably will. In true Radiohead manner, you pick your price. Or almost at least, you can pre-order the book, which will cost $29.95 on May 19, for as little as $5, or as much as $50 (which includes a t-shirt). I like this price structure, and naturally I got in touch with Scrivs to talk a little bit about his plans. [Read more…]