Kid Snatching Eagle Video On YouTube Will Pay For Real Scholarships

Eagle snatches Montreal toddler

Eagle snatches Montreal toddlerLast month a group of students at animation and design school Centre NAD in Montreal posted a YouTube video of an Eagle as it snatched a baby and nearly carried it away. The video was originally thought to be genuine but was later revealed to be a hoax.

Now the school has announced that profits from the videos 41+ million pageviews will go to fund a scholarship fund for animation and design students at the school.

NAD spokesperson Claude Arsenault did not reveal how much money was raised by told Mashable:

“It will likely be divided into several scholarships aimed at recognizing excellence in our undergrad students.” [Read more…]

YouTube To Launch Paywall For Select Premium Channels

YouTube Paywall

YouTube PaywallYouTube viewers may soon discover that some of the premium channels they like fo follow will cost them money to view. According to Jason Del Rey of AdAge, select YouTube channels will be placed behind a paywall in 2013.

According  to Del Rey:

“YouTube is prepping to launch paid subscriptions for individual channels on its video platform in its latest attempt to lure content producers, eyeballs, and advertiser dollars away from traditional TV, according to multiple people familiar with the plans.”

The channel paywall content will range in price from $1 to $5 per month.

YouTube is said to have reached out to certain channel producers to gauge their interest in the program and to encourage application submissions for the new paywall product.

The idea of a YouTube payment platform shouldn’t come as a surprise, in 2012 a rep for the video platform revealed:

“We have long maintained that different content requires different types of payment models.  The important thing is that, regardless of the model, our creators succeed on the platform and viewers find more content to watch.  There are a lot of our content creators that believe they would benefit from subscriptions.”

Are you willing to pay for premium YouTube content via certain channels?


Google+ Reveals Deeper YouTube Integration

Google Plus and Youtube

Google Plus and YoutubeSearch giant Google has rolled out new integration practices between its Google+ social network and social video sharing website YouTube.

YouTube users now have the option to share videos they upload on Google+ by selecting that option directly from the upload interface. Once uploaded the videos are automatically showcased in a “videos” tab on the users Google+ profile.

In order to use the new service users must like their Google+ and YouTube accounts under their real name. The new process is very similar to what is already used for Picassa photos sharing.

For Google+ users who do not want to use the service the tab can be hidden.

After opting in to the service the users videos then read “YouTube” and when clicked users will be sent to YouTube rather than watching the embed on Google+, a sly way for YouTube and Google to share multiple pageviews per video engagement. [Read more…]

VEVO Has Paid Musicians $200 Million Since 2009



Music video management firm VEVO has paid more than $200 million to its artists since launching in 2009. The music service is responsible for managing the music videos and performances for thousands of artists around the world.

VEVO CEO Rio Caraeff spoke at the Business Insider Ignition Conference in New York City on Tuesday where he announced the company’s massive artist payments.

VEVO has streamed billions of video views thanks to artists that include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and many others.

The music service earns money through pre-roll ads that stream once for every six to seven minutes of video watched per user. [Read more…]

YouTube Records Broken As Felix Baumgartner Breaks Skydiving Record

Felix Skydive

Felix SkydiveFelix Baumgartners supersonic freefall was not only a record breaking skydive attempt that broke the speed of sound with the human body, it was also a record breaking YouTube sensation.

Broadcast live on YouTube the social video sharing website revealed that the jump is now the live stream with the most concurrent views ever on YouTube.”

At the time of the jump 8 million concurrent live streams were broadcasting at one time. Those concurrent views were broadcast over the Red Bull YouTube channel.

At one point it was Baumgartner who held the record with 7 million concurrent views, but his Sunday attempt just sent that number shooting higher. [Read more…]

YouTube Asking Customers To “Blow Whistle” When Publishers Fail To Show Closed Captions

YouTube Law submission form
YouTube Law submission form
All television stations under an FCC mandated released this Summer but provide their TV content with closed captioning enabled. Now with the law in effect YouTube is going after its publishers to do the same. To reach its goal YouTube is asking for “whistleblowers” to report content they believe should feature closed captions.
The videos that should include closed caption can be reported via aspecial web form. The form is forwarded to the content provider which in turn must answer the complaint. Once an answer is given YouTube forwards the content providers response back to the user.

Abusing the form comes with the following warning:

Abuse of this webform may result in termination of your YouTube account. [Read more…]

YouTube ‘Appeals’ Allow Users To Fight Copyright Notices

YouTube Copyright Appeals

YouTube Copyright AppealsHave you ever had content removed from YouTube because a content creator claimed you stole their footage, music, etc? In some cases that content was rightfully obtained and now YouTube is giving video uploading members the chance to fight those take down notices with a new appeals process.

The new “Appeal” section allows users to claim they have right to use the data. If a content owner still believes that user is in violation they much file a DMCA takedown notice.

In the past a dispute removed a video and the user was just plain out of luck.

The appeal means the content holder will take the user to “court” and if the uploading party is still found to be in violation of copyright they will receive one “strike” against them. Three strikes and the user is kicked off YouTube permanently. [Read more…]

YouTube Increasing Mobile Ads, Will Allow Users To Skip Them On Request

YouTube Mobile Ads

YouTube Mobile Ads

YouTube on Wednesday announced that Trueview in-stream video ads will begin to roll-out on mobile devices.

In a post on theGoogle Mobile Ads Bloggroup product manager Phil Farhi wrote:

Weve rolled out a number of specificmobile ad formatson YouTube over the past year, making it easier for advertisers to reach people with great ads and content creators to monetize mobile views. Now were extending this further by launchingTrueView in-stream video adson mobile devices.

The TrueView ads are the same ones that feature the “skip” button on YouTube videos. After a few seconds of viewing users simply click the “skip” button to move on to their desired video.

For advertisers the move is good news since they only pay for ads that are viewed in their entirety, while even a short acknowledgement could still help their branding efforts.According toAd Age, YouTube says that 65% of pre-roll ads on YouTube now allow viewers to skip them. [Read more…]

YouTube Now Streaming 4 Billion Hours Per Month

YouTube Streaming Numbers

YouTube Streaming NumbersYouTube continues to grow by leaps and bounds and this month the video streaming network reported 4 billion hours of watch video, a new record just two months after the site celebrated its 7th birthday.

4 billion hours is the equivalent of 456,000 years worth of video viewing in a single one month time period.

Two months ago YouTube executives revealed 3 billion hours of monthly viewing, an increase of 1 billion hours in under 60 days.

YouTube exec Robery Kyncl revealed the new streaming record while speaking on Thursday at the company’s new professional content channels initiative.

Here are some additional stats which may surprise YouTube users: [Read more…]

YouTube As Cash Cow: Charlie Bit My Finger Family Has Earned $500,000 [Video]

Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie Bit My FingerIn 2007 father Howard Davies-Carr put up a YouTube video titled “Charlie Bit My Finger” which as the name suggests featured a baby boy named Charlie who bit his brothers finger.

Since going viral just over 4 years ago the video has been viewed 436 million times, earning the family heaps of money under Google’s revenue sharing program.

According to Mr. Davies-Carr he almost removed the video at one boy but then realized:

“At first I thought, well, this is a bit strange, maybe I should take it down.  And then I realized that, well, if I take it down then what would happen is that everybody that’s already created parodies or taken a copy of it and put it on their own website will just keep those running.”

The family started receiving revenue after the video reached 50 million views and when added in with TV spots the family soon found itself half a million dollars richer with more money coming in as people continue to revisit an internet favorite clip.  [Read more…]