YouTube Rolls Out Video Editing Feature

YouTube - Video Editing Feature

YouTube - Video Editing Feature

YouTube on Wednesday began rolling out a new video editing feature that allows users to edit their YouTube clips directly through the website.

Since the editing program allows users to maintain their video IDs they won’t lose view counts and comments, while existing links to their videos from other sources will continue to operate as meant they always have.

To use the program users simply click on the “Edit Video” option from the video’s page or through their “My Videos” page.

In an official YouTube blog post Software Engineer John Gregg explains some of the features which include the ability to stablize hand-held footage, rotate videos and boost the colors and contract for videos. Users can even use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature to try out one-click color correction. [Read more…]

Cheer Detergent Rolls Out Interactive YouTube Video

Cheers YouTube Clickable Video

Cheers YouTube Clickable VideoCheer detergent on Monday rolled out a new type of YouTube campaign that marks a first for the social video network. Using YouTube technology users can click on certain parts of the video to be taken to a non-Youtube website where they can win prizes.

The Climbing Walls video by Strange Talk features colorful objects that users can click on to win prices that includes socks, dress and a Fender Stratocaster among various other items.

Procter & Gamble brand manager Jason Wiedemann says that while various other YouTube videos have offered clickable links, those links have always led to other locations, while the Cheer links take users to a Facebook app for the company where users can register the items they have “dug.”

Cheer has recently decided to place 100% of their marketing funds into the digital space in the hopes of grabbing a younger, more digitally savvy audience.  [Read more…]

Google+ Introduces Hangouts With YouTube Live Video Viewing

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google+ is now allowing users of their ten person Hangouts video chat program to watch live streaming videos together using popular video streaming service YouTube which is also owned by Google Inc.

Hangout users have been able to watch YouTube videos together since the option was rolled out, however YouTube Live product manager Brandon Badger speaking to GigaOM revealed that live video streaming while chatting in Hangouts is just now being turned on.

It should be noted that turning on the live video feed with Hangout chat is not a simple process at this time, in fact GigaOM found that it takes five steps to setup the service. [Read more…]

Youtube Releases Experimental New Design Cosmic Panda

Youtube Cosmic Panda Design

Video hosting giant Youtube has revealed a new design called Cosmic Panda.

Youtube Cosmic Panda Design

Youtube Cosmic Panda Design. Ads continue to be annoying.

The new design, here shown with the viral Nyan Cat video, is more polished than the previous Youtube design. Video player control buttons have been repositioned and are now more prevalent, while being integrated in a nicer way. Ads still continue to disturb the experience. [Read more…]

YouTube Founders Save Delicious, But Is It Too Late?

After news leaked out that Yahoo! was shutting down Delicious (then announcing plans on selling the social bookmarking service), it looks like the former internet titan has found a new lease on life under new leadership.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, they have firsthand experience enabling millions of users to share their experiences with the world. They are committed to running and improving Delicious going forward. (Official Delicious Blog) [Read more…]

YouTube Launches “Copyright School” To Educate Offenders

YouTube Copyright Center Screenshot

YouTube Copyright Center Cartoon CharacterYouTube has long had to deal with Copyright infringing members, however they are now taking a more proactive measure to educate those users about copyright infringement, launching what they call the “YouTube Copyright School.”

The program, a four and a half minute video in the style of a cartoon based PSA has now become required viewing for any site user who receives a copyright infringement notice from the world’s largest social video sharing website.

Watching the video (shown at the bottom of this post), you’ll quickly realized that it features characters from Happy Tree Friends, a popular YouTube video series. The video gives a quick rundown of copyright law and must be viewed before an infringing user can once again begin uploading videos to the site. After watching the video users are then required to take a short quiz about the content they just watched.

Along with the new video, YouTube has amended how they control copyright offenses. In the past users had a “permanent record” of violations, while users can now have one offense fully removed from their record by watching the video. Consider the new policy a “defensive driving class” type solution to copyright rule breaking.

YouTube is also launching a Copyright FAQ section, shown below: [Read more…]

The Future Of YouTube Is Streaming Video

The last 5 to 6 years have been amazing for video. Sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have set the standard for uploading and sharing video. Apple has embraced video and pushed downloadable content through the iTunes store. Netflix has moved in to the streaming video arena which has big content providers worried. The latest foray in to streaming video is likely to be YouTube as it treads carefully into new territory.

YouTube is taking on streaming live video through a new channel called YouTube Live which aims to bring more original content to the site and give users another reason to stay on longer. YouTube detailed the new feature in a Blog post:
[Read more…]

When Millions Are Bad: I’ve Got A Case Of The Fridays

The web can be a funny thing. When something goes viral, it spreads to almost every corner of the web and finds a way to infect you. Rebecca Black’s music video for her (terrible) song Friday has amassed over 40 million views and close to 700,000 dislikes. As parodies funnier and better than the song crop up and criticism towards Black is openly mocked with the statement “It sticks in their heads and that’s what counts” the question really is: when is too much of something a bad thing? When you’re viral in a bad way.

What kind of life can I live where the toughest decision of my day is to choose whether or not I should sit in the front or back seat of a car? Evidently not the one I’m living now.

[Read more…]

YouTube Begging Users To Embrace Google Accounts

Begging is probably not the best word to describe the scenario (demanding would be better), but either way YouTube is once again pleading for users to embrace Google accounts or face the consequences.

Although YouTube wrote up a nice post comparing those refusing to upgrade to people carrying “brick phones” from the 1990’s, Google is apparently tired of speaking softly and is preparing to resort to more drastic measures.

Now, we’re gradually asking all remaining users still using the older YouTube account system (pre-May 2009) to link a Google Account to their YouTube username. This is required in order to continue using your YouTube username. […]

Choosing not to link won’t delete your YouTube videos – you just won’t be able to sign into your YouTube username until you link your YouTube Account to a Google Account. (YouTube Help)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

It’s still unclear how many YouTube fans have yet to embrace Google accounts, although it must be a significant amount for the social video giant to resort to hassling fans logging in.

For those of you using YouTube as your primary way to consume online video, have you upgraded your account? If not, why?

YouTube Helps Japanese Earthquake Survivors Through Special Video Channel

Following the devastating earthquake and Tsunami that ravaged Japan was a massive amount of support from every part of the web. To help victims re-unite with their lost loved ones, YouTube launched a people finder channel. The channel is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to track down those lost in the Tsunami that swept away homes, villages, town and people following a massive 9.0 undersea earthquake.

The channel dubbed YouTube Person Finder launched March 18th and its aim is to collect video messages of those most affect in the disaster. At launch, messages shot by a major TV Station in Japan — TBS — will be shown. More videos will be added as the infrastructure improves. Major stations such as TV Asahi are expected to help the victims record their own messages as well to send to the channel.