Google Wants To Make Your YouTube Videos Look Better

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Since Google has purchased YouTube, the search engine giant has focused on scaling the video sharing site. Shortly after releasing some amazing stats on hosted content — 35 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute — Google has been eyeing video quality and how to improve it. To make YouTube videos look much better, Google has bought Green Parrot Pictures.

The buyout can only lead to positive things for all YouTube users as Green Parrot Pictures’ expertise is improving video quality on content such as streaming movies. Google aims to not only improve the quality of uploaded videos but also the speed at which they are streamed.

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Christina Aguillera delivers first Super Bowl XLV fumble and Twitter took note

Christina Aguilera

Christina AguileraIt was the best opportunity to capture the attention of millions of viewers. In fact, all eyes were glued as people settled down on the Cowboys Stadium and on their couches to watch Super Bowl XLV. Everything was about Greenbay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers but the National Anthem belonged to Christina Aguillera.

Unfortunately, she delivered the Superbowl’s first fumble by messing up the lyrics of the “Star -Spangled Banner.”

Instead of “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?,” she said, “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming?” a line that she already delivered earlier.

Just like any fumble in this day and age, it gets captured in video via YouTube and people show their annoyance through Twitter. The video is here while here’s a sample of some Twitter posts:

“Sad Really: Shoutout to Cristina Aguillera for the first fumble of the Super Bowl,” @MickeyFactz said.

“Christina Aguillera butchered the melody and messed up the lyrics,” says @judy4arizona.

“I think Christina Aguillera spent too much time Just showing off her vocal range and lost the plot a bit!” according to @piersmorgan. [Read more…]

Intel Ad Features ‘Social Media Chase’ With Cool Outcome

Intel Social Media Chase Commercial

Intel Social Media Chase CommercialHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a social world? I don’t mean a connected world like we current reside in, but rather to actually exist INSIDE the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other social media sites. That’s the premise behind Intel’s newest online ad.

In “The Chase Film” the main character is chased across several social networks, while taking advantage of other computer based programs that the Intel Core i5 process is very capable of running at breakneck speeds with multiple processes running at once.

Featured  in the film is iTunes, Gmail Chat, an Intel created video game, YouTube, Flickr and even Google Maps. I particularly like the “Trash Bin” feature towards the end of the film and the part of the clip in which the main female character actually jumps inside a car ad and steals the car in an attempt to evade the men that are chasing her.

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French Artists To Receive Royalties From YouTube

YouTube Copyright - Royalties To French Artists

YouTube Copyright - Royalties To French Artists

Google, owners of YouTube, agreed this past week to pay royalties to French singers when their videos and other forms of streaming music appear on the company’s video portal.

According to Google, they will pay royalties to French, Belgian and Luxembourgian artists, but only when views of their materials occur within their own respective countries.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to industry analysts, since Google first announced they were meeting with SACEM, a French music royalty company back in September. [Read more…]

The History of Youtube


We recently have published the excellent The History of Online Video infographic and some months ago already had the Google’s timeline so it is no surprise that our next infographic the story of Youtube visualises.

The startup, launched in April 2005 was sold to Google only 18 months later for the sum of USD1.65 billion. Even after the acquisition by the Palo Alto search giant, the video platform continued to grow and is now one of the most popular websites in the world, hosting billions of videos and playing more than 2 billion videos every day. Often marketing campaigns heavily rely on Youtube plays and many artists use the platform as well as MLM marketers.

Thanks go to the crew at Infographiclabs for another graphic.

Turkey Unblocks YouTube For First Time In Years

YouTube Logo

YouTube Logo

After a two year YouTube blackout, officials in Turkey today lifted their ban on the world’s most popular video sharing website.

Bans originally started in March 2007 when videos showed up on the website with offensive comments made against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. After a short period the site was unblocked only to repeat the block/unblock cycle for just over one year, until in May 2008 YouTube was completely blocked in the country.

The recent whitelisting of the site according to Turkish Transport Minister Binali Yildirim occurred because:

“…We didn’t get here easily, we have been through a lot in the process. I hope that they have also learned from this experience and the same thing will not happen again. YouTube will hopefully carry out its organization in Turkey within the limits of law in the future.”

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History of Online Video

History of Online Video

The Internet has changed massively over the last years and the days of a life without www seem to have become long forgotten for most people already. Many youngsters could not imagine a life without ‘technology’ or internet anymore. The biggest change online has been the emergence of video streaming though. What seems now to hit the living room for everyone, also not tech savvy people , with AppleTV and and GoogleTV, happened in actually less than 5 years. Online video has always been something for nerds, with QuickTime and RealPlayer in the first years but once Youtube was launched 2005 the complete internet landscape changed. And continues to change. Nowadays around 69% of all internet users also watch streaming or download videos.

Together with the popularity of online video screencasting has become popular and one of the best tools for this certainly is Techsmith’s Camtasia a long time favourite for Windows screencasters and since recently also on the market for Mac users.

We analysed the last 5 years of online video history and the result is this awesome infographic, requested by Techsmith.

For a more detailed analysis of the history of online video, check out Andrew Baron’s A Decade in The History of Online Video.

We and the Techsmith crew thank the team over at Infographiclabs for another awesome infographic.

Share Your Best Tweet Based Stories With Twitter

Twitter Stories

Twitter StoriesTwitter wants to show their users how the microblogging platform has helped others and for that purpose they have launched Twitter Tales a new offering that is meant to inspire and motivate others to use Twitter in fun, effective and interesting ways.

Twitter’s own communications staffer Carolyn Penner said on the company’s official blog that Twitter Tales is meant to display:

“a growing set of articles that highlights creative individuals and businesses from all corners of the world that help make Twitter awesome.”

If you have a story to share, you can send it to [email protected] and you could be one of the showcases stories. [Read more…]

YouTube Increases Video Limit To 15 Minutes

YouTube Video - 15 minute increase

YouTube Video - 15 minute increaseNon-Partner content developers uploading videos to YouTube can now provide multimedia up to 15 minutes in length. The company announced today that they have extended their 10-minute time limit effective immediately.

YouTube has announced that the extension is being given since they now have more copyright controls available for content providers, which means it is less likely that users will upload copies of TV series, movies and other copyrighted materials without being censored. [Read more…]

YouTube Hacked, Justin Bieber Videos Targeted

Justin Bieber YouTube Videos attacked by Hacker Group

Justin Bieber YouTube Videos attacked by Hacker GroupThe hacker ground known as 4chan launched an attack against YouTube, specifically fans of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber on Sunday. The group, which discovered a vulnerability in the YouTube commenting system was able to hijack the singers videos, sending users astray.

Hackers injected HTML code into the commenting system (which is not suppose to be allowed), causing pop-up messages to open on the site, leading young teen girls to pornography sites and other videos claiming Bieber had been killed in a car accident.

Users should check their computers immediately for malware which was shown on some sites where re-directions occurred. [Read more…]