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Sunday Morning SEO: Preparing for Future Events

Sunday Morning SEO: Preparing for Future Events

One of the things I realized when I first did SEO was that your new pages and posts don’t automatically get indexed right away by Google unless you have a very authoritative, or trusted site. Also, once your pages are indexed, it usually takes time to rank for your desired keywords.

Therefore, I started preparing for keywords that I knew would get a high search volume in the near future. These keywords were based on popular future events in my niche.

Basically, I create an event page a couple weeks in advance and make sure it’s optimized for the keywords. Next, I put a link to the page on the home page of my blog so that Google would consider it to be a important page. Then, whenever I write a blog post about the event, I make sure to link back to the event page. Finally, I build links to the page.

By the time the event happened, I usually had a top ranking because of all my preparation.

Compare this to what many bloggers do. They wait until the event is happening or is close to starting before actually writing about it. As such, they don’t have a chance to develop the best ranking they could get.

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You can do this for many different future events including conferences, sports events, and new products.

For example, I follow the UFC, which is the top mixed-martial arts (MMA) league. About once a month, the UFC has a big main event that is highly anticipated by MMA fans from around the world. My favorite MMA blog always sets up a page for each of the events well before the event’s date. They keep the page updated with news as it comes in. And they also update the page regularly with previews of the fights and fighters. By the time, the event rolls around, they have great rankings and receive a lot of search traffic as a result.

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