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4 Tips for Remote Executive Assistants to Keep Tabs on Everything

4 Tips for Remote Executive Assistants to Keep Tabs on Everything

4 Tips for Remote Executive Assistants to Keep Tabs on Everything (1)

When your work is wherever you are, you have ample flexibility. Running an errand or picking up around the house are tasks you can more easily fit into your day. You’re not glued to a desk for hours on end in a stuffy cubicle. Talk about a work win.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not still working hard. Being a remote executive assistant comes with many tasks and responsibilities. You’re managing calendars, coordinating sales, and tending to your employer’s needs. Naturally, staying on top of everything is easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you manage everything while maximizing your job’s flexibility as a remote executive assistant.

1. Put Technology to Use

Many executive assistants are juggling a lot of different responsibilities. You’re a schedule manager, a point of contact, an email organizer, and more all in one. So, staying organized in a way that you can keep up with is vital. That’s where technology comes in.

Start by thinking about the tasks you’re expected to do most often and find tools that can help. If your focus is external correspondence, explore customizable tools that allow you to sync information, access global address list information, and book meetings. If your main responsibility is more about communicating internally, look into the functionality of tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. If you regularly feel overwhelmed, check out productivity tools like Trello.

What you spend most of your time doing is where you should explore different technologies. Eventually, you’ll find a solution that can help streamline your tasks and make your job easier to perform. The result is more effective and efficient work that feels manageable.

2. Create In-Depth To-Do Lists

As a remote executive assistant, you’re likely talking to numerous people throughout the course of a week. During one quick 15-minute meeting, you may be asked to book a meeting room, a flight, and a dinner reservation. So, you must ensure your to-do lists have context to keep everything straight.

Start by determining a format that works for you. Handwritten notes are great for the satisfying feeling of manually checking things off, but they’re less editable. Digital to-do lists are easy to edit and share but can be lost if you encounter technological issues. Weigh the pros and cons of each to decide what works for you.

From there, it’s time to get organized. Get in the habit of labeling each to-do the same way, including deadlines, personnel, and any other pertinent information. Commit to keeping your list(s) updated and checking them before signing off for the day each day. Although tedious, your effort and detail will pay off, making your remote executive assistant role much more enjoyable.

3. Schedule Check-ins

People have preferences. They like two creams and one sugar in their coffee rather than two and two. They have favorite colors, foods, and places. Work is no different. So, when you’re working closely with one person and managing their schedule, among other important aspects, checking in is critical.

These check-in meetings don’t have to be in-person meetings that drag on, though. You can send one overview email of the week ahead each Friday with the option for your boss to review. You can make a quick phone call every other week to discuss how things are going. You can establish the kind of working relationship in which continuous feedback is provided, regardless of the communication method.

Knowing you’re doing a good job is a valuable confidence boost, but feedback also helps you identify areas for improvement. Addressing any issues is how you grow and improve your skills, which can lead to even better opportunities down the line.

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4. Document Everything

The name of the game in the profession of remote executive assistants is organization. You have to remember the ways different people like to communicate. You’re in charge of booking catering and knowing food allergies and hours of operation. With important details being shared with you constantly, it’s a good idea to properly document everything.

How that looks, however, is up to you. If you want to create a singular document with notes that can only be described as organized chaos, have at it. If a color-coded, searchable spreadsheet is more your speed, invest the time to get it up and running. The point is to create a resource you can reference on an as-needed basis when requests come in.

That way, you’re not left wasting time trying to remember the process you followed last time or looking through emails for information. Instead, you can confidently review your reference sheet and know exactly what steps to take. You save yourself time and make your life easier.

Grow Your Skills

There’s a certain level of discipline required to work remotely. You’re tasked with motivating yourself to get up and get your work done. But, in return, you get the satisfaction of managing your time and get to avoid a commute. The trickiest part is figuring out how to best accomplish your tasks and manage your time.

Once you do that, you’ll be in a good groove at work. Like a well-oiled machine, you’ll be able to troubleshoot and problem-solve with the best of them. The skills you grow and develop as a result can be applied to future roles, creating the career of your dreams. And it all starts with some time investment to be the best remote executive assistant you can be.

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