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Why Blogging?

Why Blogging?

why blogging

why bloggingI have always loved to read. This was because as a kid my grandmother would read me a fairytale every night. This was a nightly ritual that had to be followed or else I wouldn’t go to sleep. Whenever my family would go to the mall my mother would take me to the bookstore. With my love affair for books it’s no wonder I learned to love writing as well. In high school I used to keep a journal. At the end of each day I would narrate what happened on it. But I usually kept my entries short. As much as I enjoyed writing, doing it by hand can be tiring. So, why blogging?

It was in college when I discovered the art of blogging. I was surfing online when I stumbled across a food blog. I realized it was something that I could do as well. So I decided to try it. I blogged for a month and I loved it! Blogging is not only fun it’s a great stress reliever as well.

3 Reasons Why I Chose blogging

Get it Out of Your System

First, putting your deepest thoughts and emotions in words gets it out of your system. When you bottle everything inside it can really weigh you down. Laying it out there can relieve you of this weight. When I was in high school I had a best friend named Lisa. Whenever I had a problem I would go talk to her about it. She didn’t even have to say anything. All she had to do was listen. Think of your blog as the best friend that you can unload all your problems to. Let it out. Write it all down.

Gain New Perspective

Second, writing down your thoughts down helps you gain new perspective. Having problems is stressful enough. But being confused about them is more so. You can relieve yourself of some of the stress by writing down your thoughts. This will give you clarity. In your head it can be a mess. But once you write it down you’ll be able to see what you can do about it.


Third, blogging can help you come up with a viable solution. When you blog you don’t have to write about just your problems. You can also come up with ways on how to get past them. You can share them with other people and ask them to comment on your posts. Two heads are better than one. Chances are you might find a person who has also gone through the same thing. This person might be able to help you out.

When it comes to blogging there are no grammatical errors or language spell checks. It’s your blog – not a term paper. You can do whatever you want with it. So what are you waiting for? Try blogging now.

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