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Adobe Express accelerates business design procedures

Adobe Express accelerates business design procedures

Adobe Express

The recent Adobe affair, “Design Made Easy,” showcased how Adobe Express, fueled by Adobe Firefly’s generative AI, is expediting design procedures in business sectors like marketing, HR, and sales communications.

Professionals praised Adobe Express for its user-friendly features, stimulating those without design backgrounds to create high-grade materials. The integration of Adobe Firefly’s generative AI was celebrated for its ability to automate complex design tasks, widely viewed as a significant stride in streamlining design processes.

Adobe Express is gaining traction, recording a 96% quarter-on-quarter increment in active mobile users and an 86% surge in total creations over a year. This platform offers a secure AI for brands and provides effortless entry to creative team resources within Adobe applications.

At the event, Adobe Express revealed new features like Presentation abilities, varying Print functions, and AI-enabled functions like Bulk Create and the ability to generate custom models and images.

Enhancing business design with Adobe Express

Furthermore, partnerships with Microsoft, OpenAI, and IBM Consulting were announced.

David Wadhwani, Adobe’s President of Digital Media Business, stated that Adobe Express encourages team collaboration and permits anyone within an establishment to create visual content that aligns with the brand and drives business results.

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Organizations like Unilever, IBM, Adobe, and charities such as 100cameras and Limbitless Solutions, deemed benefactors of Adobe Express, shared their success stories. Digital asset production became streamlined, and differentiated assets were produced efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively.

IBM’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Jonathan Adashek, noted how Adobe Express revolutionized their brand consistency, customer engagement, overall business performance, and the way IBM communicates with customers by curating aligned content tailored to their clientele. Adashek further asserted that they would continue utilizing Adobe Express to serve their customers with genuine, brand-aligned content.

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