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Alien character propels Hong Kong Ballet’s appeal

Alien character propels Hong Kong Ballet’s appeal

Alien Ballet

For its 45th anniversary, the Hong Kong Ballet launched an array of dance initiatives featuring an alien as a unique lead character. This unusual plotline was crafted by Design Army to connect dance artists directly with audiences, and to broaden the discipline’s mainstream appeal. Noticeably, the alien’s journey highlights the ballet company’s dedication to reaching wider audiences and signifies its growing influence in the world of dance.

The narrative unfolds through a short film, directed by Dean Alexander, where the alien enters a new territory, the ballet world, marked by a magical tutu. As our extraterrestrial protagonist dives into the learning of ballet, the initial struggles slowly morph into graceful movements, winning over skeptical peers through pure grit and grace.

In this plot, the alien forms an inspiring bond with her ballet teacher, who recognizes her out-of-ordinary talent. With rigorous training and a sprinkle of magic from her gifted tutu, the alien transforms into a skillful ballerina, expressing her journey of exploring a new world through a heart-touching dance performance.

The intricately-woven narrative succeeds in showcasing more than just the discipline of ballet.

Using alien narrative to broaden ballet’s appeal

With acceptance, perseverance and friendship at its core, the story beautifully reflects the limitless power of talent to transcend species and boundaries.

After the completion of her journey, the alien departs from Earth. Carrying a memento back to her home planet, her return marks the beginning of an extravagant ballet-inspired celebration. This celebration symbolizes her acknowledgement of her newfound dance talents and her adventurous exploration of the unknown.

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As every aspect of the film comes together, a vision blends impressionistic, classical, and futuristic elements. The costume design, stage creation, and property handling in the film all suggest meticulous attention to visual detail. The film also borrows its color scheme from Edgar Degas’ iconic ballet paintings and incorporates elements of Chinese symbolism, creating a visual spectacle that fuses tradition with modern aesthetics.

Commending the uniqueness of the film and the beauty of dance as a communications medium, the Ballet’s Artistic Director, Septime Webre, expressed his deep admiration for the project. The overarching campaign, conceptualized by Design Army’s creative team, represents their commitment to excellence, offering an unforgettable experience for viewers.

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