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Anti-PR strategy mitigates SEO algorithm impact

Anti-PR strategy mitigates SEO algorithm impact

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"Mitigated SEO Impact"

Businesses worldwide are seeing a sharp decrease in online traffic due to shifts in search engine algorithms. These changes significantly impact companies heavily reliant on SEO for their online visibility. Small and medium-sized businesses find these developments particularly disturbing, translating to potential losses in revenue and customer base.

Karla Jo Helms, CEO and founder of a top PR company, now introduces Anti-PR, an innovative strategy to curb the effects of these algorithm changes. This approach fosters genuine relationships with media outlets and influencers and emphasizes strategic storytelling to help businesses navigate the digital landscape. Despite algorithm updates, this methodology preserves and even grows a business’ online presence and reach.

Many internet publishers and businesses express concern over the anticipated 25% reduction in search engine volume by 2026, a development that would hit those utilising intensive SEO strategies hard. Enterprises heavily reliant on search engines for visibility would be significantly impacted.

Mitigating SEO impact with Anti-PR strategy

Many see the key to weathering these changes lies in innovative and adaptable SEO approaches.

Others voice disappointment with what they view as unfairness in the digital landscape following the algorithm updates. They stress the need for a level playing field where no single platform can monopolise online traffic and call for more transparency on these changes, claiming they have huge implications for their business performance.

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Helms argues that companies should use tactics to shape public opinion, suggesting that businesses with disruptive tendencies can attract public and media attention with the right support. Transparency is paramount in shaping public opinion as it builds trust and establishes enduring relationships with stakeholders.

Anti-PR is a fresh strategic approach combining crisis management tactics and media algorithms to generate strong and consistent publicity for businesses. These changes in the media landscape only enhance the relevance and utility of Anti-PR equipping businesses with the necessary tools to convert challenges into opportunities. In this ever-changing digital environment, the ability to adapt swiftly and strategically is key to survival.

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