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CG Life acquires Berry & Company, expanding healthcare communications

CG Life acquires Berry & Company, expanding healthcare communications

"Healthcare Communications Expansion"

Chicago-based marketing and communications firm, CG Life, has recently acquired esteemed New York PR firm, Berry & Company Public Relations. Known for working closely with life sciences and med-tech brands, this acquisition signifies a strategic expansion for CG Life in the world of public relations and communication.

This move not only broadens CG Life’s communications portfolio but also combines the skill sets and resources of both firms, further solidifying their standing in the biopharma and healthcare industries. Berry & Company brings to the table roughly decades’ worth of experience and a proven track record in serving high-profile life sciences, med-tech brands, and specialized healthcare fields like rare disease, oncology, and orthopedic surgery.

CG Life’s CEO, David Ormesher, emphasizes the benefits of incorporating Berry & Company’s specialised skills and key location. He explains that merging with Berry & Co, will allow them to better understand and navigate the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. He expresses confidence that this collaboration will cement CG Life’s place in the ever-evolving healthcare communication sector and enhance their ability to deliver innovative communication solutions.

The acquisition promises significant advancements.

CG Life’s strategic expansion in healthcare communication

It combines CG Life’s experience in marketing and brand strategy with Berry & Co’s expertise in technology and analytics. This merger is expected to result in improved services, innovative data-driven tech solutions, enhanced patient-centric approach, and ultimately, industry growth.

Both companies’ management and employees are excited about the merger and foresee a seamless transition due to the shared synergy. They are optimistic about growth prospects and initiatives that could redefine industry standards. The ambition is to create a power-packed force in the sector of life sciences communication, setting new benchmarks for industry practices.

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The joint expertise of CG Life and Berry & Company means expanded services for their clients, grounded in an in-depth understanding of the healthcare and sciences industries. It aims to enhance the presentation of scientific breakthroughs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conveying scientific achievements to the public.

In conclusion, the future looks promising with this strategic partnership between CG Life and Berry & Company. The combination of resources and shared mission sets them on an exciting path towards reshaping the future of healthcare communication.

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