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Darklight captures domestic violence survivors’ boxing journey

Darklight captures domestic violence survivors’ boxing journey

"Survivors' Boxing Journey"

Darklight, an esteemed photography company, recently launched ‘The Fight Back’; a captivating series of photographs that chronicle the journey of ten women participating in a boxing programme aimed at mitigating the impacts of domestic violence.

The exhibit, complimented by personal narratives, brings to life the physical and psychological struggles and triumphs these women face. Far from painting them as victims, the photos powerfully portray these ladies as advocates reclaiming their lives, thus adding renewed perspective to the narrative of domestic violence survivors.

The project is part of ‘Fight Forward’, a larger initiative spearheaded by ex-GB champion, Lesley Sackey. Under her vision, the photos capture the participants’ intense training sessions, culminating in a symbolic boxing match. These women not only hone their physical strength but also rebuild their confidence, combating trauma, and reclaiming control from the aftermath of domestic violence.

Sarah Williams, a co-founder of Darklight and a survivor of domestic violence, highlighted the programme’s importance. She praised boxing as a safe space that transformed her fear into confidence and strength.

Empowering survivors through boxing journey

She also stressed the support and encouragement she received from the Darklight community in reclaiming control over her life.

Truly, the empowering potential of sports stands out in her story. A testament to organisations like Darklight playing integral roles in aiding victims of domestic violence on their road to recovery.

Darklight masterfully captured the participants’ rigorous training journey and the final boxing match which were both held at West London’s All Stars Boxing Gym. The grim determination, battle weariness, and collective resilience shine through in each image, providing a glimpse into the raw, gritty reality of overcoming adversity.

The series also emphasizes the mental trials the participants endured, demonstrating their indomitable will, perseverance, and continuous growth throughout the process.

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Additionally, this photographic journey has also been translated into an evocative 100-page photobook, ‘Heroines of the Ring’, by Darklight’s Gabby Vincente. The book skillfully tells their poignant stories of survival and triumph through remarkable imagery, immersing the reader in their extraordinary lives.

Each picture stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, capturing not just their physical prowess but also their determination and willpower outside the ring.

‘Heroines of the Ring’ is more than just a record of their struggle against domestic violence – it illuminates the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of communal unity against all odds. A tribute to the relentless battle against victimization, and a source of enduring inspiration.

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