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DesignStudio successfully rebrands Ascential, fosters focus on fintech events

DesignStudio successfully rebrands Ascential, fosters focus on fintech events

Ascential Rebranding

DesignStudio, a globally recognized brand consultancy, has successfully carried out a rebranding operation for Ascential. The latter, a leading British B2B media corporation, has recently opted to discard its digital commerce and product design sector to narrow its focus on niche marketing and fintech events.

The rebranding effort by DesignStudio includes a fresh logo, an updated color scheme, and a reinvigorated website design for Ascential. This transformation is intended to mirror Ascential’s revamped focus and evolution, and serves as a new, visually captivating representation of the organization in the global events industry.

Further, Ascential partnered with DesignStudio to forge a new brand identity that truly encapsulates the company’s refined business orientation. According to Design Director David Moloney, the rebranding approach centered on the notion of “the power of convening”, and encompassed multiple facets of the brand, ranging from its strategy to visual and verbal identities.

A pivotal part of the rebranding is the new logo which involves five interlinked arrowheads.

DesignStudio’s successful rebranding of Ascential

This symbolizes the unity and cooperation fostered at Ascential’s gatherings. The selection of a dark charcoal juxtaposed with off-white, along with the primary brand color, Ascential Yellow, is a tribute to the roots of the company in publishing while reflecting its modern, upbeat ethos.

Ascential’s new brand identity is also accentuated by a revamped design system that seamlessly blends in images, typography, and custom illustrations. Moreover, as part of the verbal rebranding, DesignStudio introduced two distinct font families, Rando and Yellix, purposefully designed for both digital and print platforms.

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Dina Elrayyes, VP of Content and Creative Director at Ascential, showered praise on DesignStudio for their successful execution of the rebranding process. She hailed the agency’s ability to translate their abstract idea into a revived and refreshed brand and acknowledged the contributions of each individual involved in the process.

The conclusion of this comprehensive rebranding process signals not just a cosmetic makeover, but a holistic transformation to deliver a deeper impact on the perception of the organization.

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