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Dubai store uses live mannequin for promotion

Dubai store uses live mannequin for promotion

"Promotion Live Mannequin"

Manto Bride, a retail outlet based in Dubai, recently used a creative and unconventional promotional strategy that caught everyone’s attention. They had a live model, Angelina, dressed in bridal wear, pose as a store dummy at their Festival City Mall location. The unsuspecting visitors were in for a surprise when they realized Angelina was not a mannequin but a real person.

The event, which attracted a significant amount of attention and sparked numerous conversations, was part of a unique marketing campaign by Manto Bride. As a result, the store witnessed increased footfall and a boost in overall sales. Angelina not only participated in the event but also used her digital platforms to promote it.

This unusual promotional strategy started a comprehensive dialogue about the ethical implications of such marketing techniques. There were divided opinions; some considered it innovative, while others saw it as exploitation and akin to modern-day enslavement.

Dubai retailer’s live mannequin marketing strategy

This triggered a discussion on where to draw the line between creativity and human dignity.

Beyond marketing practices, it started more extensive debates on corporate social responsibility and the power dynamics in today’s corporate world. There was a spotlight on the need for ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability, not only in promotional activities but also in overall business operations. The impact of these conversations was significant, leading to increased awareness on responsible corporate behavior and the need to prioritize social and environmental impacts.

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Questions also arose around the strategy’s effectiveness in a market saturated with retail businesses. Critics wondered if it signified progression in marketing or if it was just another way to set businesses apart. The cost-effectiveness and impact of such a strategy on business visibility and sales conversions were called into question as well.

The incident highlights the complexities of ethical marketing, emphasizing the vital need for businesses to follow ethical standards to maintain public trust and goodwill. It also shows that while it can be challenging, ethical marketing is crucial for a business’s integrity and sustainability.

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