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Famed ad creator’s historic West Village home hits market

Famed ad creator’s historic West Village home hits market

Historic Village Home

The historic home of famed ad creator, George Lois, whose work includes memorable slogans like “I Want My MTV” and “If You Got It, Flaunt It”, is hitting the market in New York City’s West Village.

Situated in the famous Butterfield House, the property preserves its rich 1960s allure harmoniously infused with the latest modern comforts

The stately four-bedroom residence is not just a home, it’s a living testament of the Lois couple’s creativity and eccentricities, filled with an array of rare artifacts, artworks, and antique collections.

Meticulously designed for ultimate comfort and luxury, the house stands as a perfect blend of the past and the present. Each room narrates a unique story of the couple’s diverse interests, impeccable taste, and personal accomplishments.

Built in 1962 by distinguished architects, William J. Conklin and James Rossant, the home mirrors the couple’s love for a unique fusion of postmodern and contemporary styles, forming the perfect backdrop for their curated artwork.

The master suite is a calming retreat, fitted with a luxurious en-suite bathroom that rivals any personal spa.

Peek inside ad icon George Lois’s West Village home

Meanwhile, the library and studio spaces provide a sanctuary for the couple’s respective love for literature and art.

The outdoor terrace opens up the dwelling to the elements, providing the ideal spot to enjoy the cityscape views over a cup of coffee or a balmy evening cocktail.

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Moreover, the open-layout of the communal areas, high ceilings, and expansive windows not only enhance the roominess of the house but also invite copious amounts of natural light, making the space feel even more warm and inviting.

This home is a perfect representation of the Lois family’s lifestyle, striking a delicate balance between grandeur, warmth, and comfort. It truly stands as a testament to their joint creativity, their shared love for the unique, and their individual artistic expressions.

Comments from renowned figure in the design field, Steven Heller, highlight the exceptional quality of this property. He emphasized how the house’s tasteful design, premium quality fixtures, and meticulous planning make it the perfect abode for a modern family.

Through this residence, one gets a deep insight into the artistic tendencies, interests, and the shared passion of George and Rosemary, making it not just a house, but truly a home.

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