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Folc Wine impresses with sustainable practices and unique design

Folc Wine impresses with sustainable practices and unique design

"Sustainable Wine"

Folc Wine, a renowned English rosé brand founded by Elisha and Tom Cannon in 2019, epitomizes the local wine industry’s spirit. This premium brand bases its practice on sustainable, organic farming methods, believing in supporting a cleaner environment and maintaining high-quality production for its rosé.

After four design changes in as many years, the Cannons collaborated with design studio Regular Practice to give ‘Folc’ a unique identity. This design perfectly encapsulates the brand’s distinctive style, helping Folc emerge as an industry leader.

Folc recently introduced a screen-printed bottle design, innovating within the wine industry. This design contrasts traditional Provencal bottles with a wider base, reminiscent of the wine’s rich palate. It features a minimalist approach and modern color palettes, adding a timeless feel to the wine-drinking experience. As a market trendsetter, Folc’s unique bottle design is set to influence future competitors.

To articulate their brand’s story better, they launched the slogan “good folk drink Folc,” cleverly playing on the word ‘folk.’ This phrase showcases their Old English brand name inspiration while utilizing a storytelling approach towards marketing.

Sustainable ethos and distinctive design of Folc Wine

To visually engage consumers, Folc partnered with artist Olga Prader, who created unique folklore-inspired illustrations. These images effectively narrated the brand’s story, clearing confusion around its name and fostering an intriguing, relatable brand persona.

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Typography played a key role in the rebranding, with ‘Moulin’ from Commercial Type Foundry chosen for a modern slant on traditional design. This mix of old-world and contemporary aesthetics created a distinct visual impression, allowing it to thrive in this competitive market.

The ‘British, joyful, and ethereal’ ethos of the brand seeks to capture the essence of group enjoyment in the British countryside. By resonating with peaceful serenity and authentic bliss, the brand offers its customers a tranquil journey through the heart of rural Britain.

Folc’s new branding merges Provencal elegance with distinct English appeal, reflecting its authentic roots and unique identity. It represents a balance of comfort, familiarity, elegance and modernity, providing an inviting brand experience for global customers. Folc stands as a dominant force in the wine industry, a testament to its dedication to quality, authenticity, and style.

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