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Holiday on Ice tour marks 80th anniversary with technical marvel

Holiday on Ice tour marks 80th anniversary with technical marvel

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Technical Holiday

The Holiday On Ice tour, marking its 80th anniversary, was an impressive feat of coordination, with AED studios coordinating 174 shows across 21 cities in Germany.

The spectacular on-ice performances brought to life by 40 talented skaters were further enhanced by stunning light and sound effects, thanks to an equally skilled technical team.

Among the advanced tech elements used were a three-dimensional, 200 square meter LED screen, close to 300 projectors, and a unique kinetic lighting installation.

This resulted in a multi-sensory marvel for spectators. The LED screen, in particular, added an element of transformation to the show, while the kinetic lights provided a dynamic visual boost.

Kieran Carlin, who was in charge of the lighting, explained that the design amplified skaters’ performances. He emphasized that the art of ice skating extends to technical aspects such as lighting.

Technical triumph of Holiday on Ice tour

The innovative stage set-up featured a main grid of 225 kinetic fixtures, side trusses, a front truss, and four other trusses surrounding the main grid. A compelling LED screen further set the stage for a synchronised visual spectacle.

To add variety to the stage environment, the team strategically placed 68 lighting fixtures on stage and used special gobos to create specific visual designs akin to a large chessboard.

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Sixteen lighting fixtures were thoughtfully arranged over the main grid above the ice in four groups, allowing for a wide range of color combinations, intensities, and visual elements.

Despite being placed close to pyrotechnic effects, these fixtures operated flawlessly for six months, demonstrating their resilience and reliability.

This was possible due to Rentall Europe’s technical assistance and regular maintenance. The result was a series of breath-taking performances that truly showcased the fusion of artistry and technology.

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