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Hong Kong Ballet marks 45th anniversary with innovative performance

Hong Kong Ballet marks 45th anniversary with innovative performance

Innovative Ballet

The Hong Kong Ballet reached two milestones recently – their 45th anniversary and the launch of their Ballet Academy. It’s a celebration doubly marked with a captivating three-minute performance. This production was an amalgamation between ballet’s rich historical roots and elements of innovation, signifying the Ballet’s commitment to evolving with the times.

Entering the new Ballet Academy, a new generation of dancers are offered professional training. The event was punctuated with a brilliant performance capturing the essence of their spirit: a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence amongst tradition and innovation.

The performance was centered around a quirky tale of a dancing alien who lands at the ‘tutu academy.’ Initially awkward, the alien soon excels in dance, creating unspoken connections with his fellow dance crew. The unique narrative paints a powerful picture of camaraderie and shared purposes, aligning beautifully with the academy’s vision.

The alien character, after mastering the dance, takes the magical ballet dress back to his home planet.

Hong Kong Ballet’s anniversary: tradition meets innovation

Presenting the gown to his leaders, he initiates a joyful dance, marking his newfound bond with earth and humanity.

His leaders, captivated by the ballet dress – a symbol for the newly found bond with Earth – witness the dance he had perfected on Earth. It becomes an emblem for unity and camaraderie, transcending the boundaries of space and time.

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The visionary behind the campaign, Pum Lefebure, seeks to encourage accessibility in ballet by mixing colors associated with Degas’ ballerina artworks and traditional Chinese colors. The result is a red and green palette, bringing together classic and modern aesthetics. Lefebure aims to knock down the exclusivity commonly associated with ballet.

The art direction of the campaign is a fusion of various epochs, including impressionism, classicism, historicism, futurism, and pop elements. Reflecting this amalgamation, the spaceship, logo, and twirling sequences were designed to echo the elegance and fluidity of a ballet dress.

Thrilled with the unconventional outcome, Septime Webre, Hong Kong Ballet’s Artistic Director, praised the successful balance between dance communication and quirkiness. The blend of tradition and modernity reflected his vision for the direction of Hong Kong Ballet, delivering a performance that appeals to traditional enthusiasts and those seeking a fresh take on ballet.

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