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Nike seeking visual merchandising specialist

Nike seeking visual merchandising specialist

Nike Visual Specialist

Nike, Inc., a global trailblazer in athletics and innovation, is welcoming talented individuals to join its team. The company nurtures the unique skills and passion of team members, particularly seeking accomplished leaders with pioneering visions.

Working in Nike’s Marketing and Communication division offers a dynamic and inventive atmosphere. The team brilliantly narrates the story of Nike’s advanced athletic wear across multiple platforms – physical stores, digital outlets, and social platforms. Harnessing a blend of traditional and digital marketing methods, they strengthen the bond between the brand and its worldwide customers, while also championing Nike’s commitment to sustainability.

Nike is currently looking for a Visual Merchandising Specialist. Responsibilities include understanding the brand strategy, implementing merchandising plans, maintaining an excellent store atmosphere, and cooperating with retailers for effective communication. The Specialist will analyze market trends and customer behavior, managing customer-centric projects, and creatively marketing new product lines. This role requires outstanding teamwork skills and an ability to transform abstract concepts into captivating visual store layouts.

The ideal candidate for this role will have an associate’s degree or higher, strong proficiency in English, and 3-5 years experience in visual merchandising or related fields.

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Seeking skilled visual merchandising specialist at Nike

Necessary traits include excellent communication skills, knowledge of market trends and Chinese consumer preferences, proficiency in office software and graphics editing tools, and strong organizing and time management skills. Knowledge of global fashion trends, willingness to travel, fluency in Chinese, and skills in project management would be advantageous. A creative mindset, keen eye for detail, and a passion for the fashion and sports industry should be demonstrated by potential candidates.

Nike, Inc. promotes a supportive environment for growth, embracing diversity and inclusivity, and offering a casual work atmosphere. With its comprehensive rewards system and conducive environment for career development, the company aims to inspire every athlete worldwide. Emphasizing teamwork, valuing feedback and open communication, it offers wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and competitive compensation packages for a balanced work-life experience. At Nike, Inc., every individual is empowered to make a significant impact in their respective domain.

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