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Renowned alum Randy Hunt to chair SVA’s MFA Design program

Renowned alum Randy Hunt to chair SVA’s MFA Design program

"Renowned Alum"

Exciting news from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)! Renowned alumnus Randy J. Hunt is set to assume the position of Chair of the MFA Design Program, succeeding founding co-chairs Steven Heller and Lita Talarico.

This new direction marks a significant step for SVA. With Hunt’s extensive experience and industry knowledge, we can expect some great changes and innovations ahead.

What’s more exciting is that this marks a homecoming for Hunt. SVA has always had a formative influence on his career. And now, he is set to take over on July 3, 2024. An important milestone, indeed!

For those who don’t know, Randy J. Hunt is a highly respected figure in the design industry. His innovative thinking, exceptional designs, and groundbreaking concepts have significantly influenced the contemporary design landscape.

Fellow designers admire his creative prowess.

Randy Hunt’s homecoming to SVA’s MFA Design

And it’s not just words – his portfolio is ample proof of his capabilities. He’s recognized as a distinguished personality in the design world and is an influential figure in the industry.

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The MFA Design program at SVA couldn’t be happier to welcome back such a notable alumnus. With Hunt’s extensive experience and deep knowledge, the program is sure to benefit. Not only that, but Hunt’s involvement is predicted to inspire current and future students to reach new creative heights.

The appointment of Hunt is a clear sign of SVA’s dedication to nurturing and promoting talent from within its own community. They’re all about empowering their members and trusting in their talent pool. They’re dedicated to building on the skills and knowledge of their network to ensure both individual and overall success.

So, what does this mean for the MFA Design program at SVA? A bright, hopeful future full of potential. Not only does this suggest a dynamic evolution for the program, but it also underlines SVA’s growing prestige in fostering creative minds. Certainly a promising direction!

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