The Inquisitr Breaks Record, Cuts Costs

Duncan Riley’s news site The Inquisitr continues to grow, this time setting a new monthly record in pageviews (2,315,920 if you want to know). As usual, Duncan is pretty open about it in a blog post. However, The Inquisitr is also a good example of how the economic situation is hitting sites leaning on ads. Duncan has let a writer go, which is the common solution these days.

Going forward we’ve done everything we can to run a lean ship. Our cost base is down, and despite being down a writer the traffic went up. However there are risks ahead. We’ll likely do less traffic this month (we tend to go on two month cycles), and a similar drop in advertising rates will hurt. The only question now is when will the online ad market bottom, and how much further will it fall.

As good an example as any on how online publications are coping with the current financial climate.

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