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The Times named World’s Best-Designed Digital News Organization

The Times named World’s Best-Designed Digital News Organization

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On May 21, 2024, The Times made headlines when it was named the World’s Best-Designed Digital News Organization by the Society for News Design. This prestigious accolade recognizes the publication’s commitment to innovative journalism and visual storytelling.

Known for setting new standards in graphic narratives and immersive storytelling, The Times has successfully integrated technology to enhance its reporting. Heralded for its pioneering use of diverse media platforms, judges acknowledged its impressive tech utilization and captivating storytelling.

The award also considered an array of journalistic methods and tools, including 3-D models and spatial audio. The jury appreciated the pioneering use of these advancements in technology, valuing how they bring clarity and impact to complex stories.

Commended for shaping the future of digital news design, The Times was celebrated for its fearless reimagination of the visual narrative.

The Times’ leading edge in digital news design

Judges praised its integration of typography, data visualization, photography, and videos. Standing testament to its innovative spirit, The Times was also recognized for its layout and navigation experimentation.

The Times displayed its excellence across various categories. Not only did the prestigious newspaper amass numerous gold, silver, and bronze awards, but it also achieved a grand total of 97 awards of excellence. This numerous commendation showcased the publication’s diverse accomplishments across various genres of journalism.

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The award-winning pieces highlighted skill and aesthetic acumen across various departments such as Infographics, Data Visualization, Health Infographics, and the Commissioned Illustration division in the Opinions sector.

On top of these honors, The Times also excelled in the Explore Further Awards category. Lauded for its editorial excellence, innovative storytelling, and investigative reporting, The Times was hailed for its unwavering passion for truth and commitment to maintaining high journalistic standards.

In a nutshell, The Times has truly solidified its spot as a world leader in digital media, shaping not only global discourse but also spearheading design innovation across digital platforms.

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