Now Reading Saga Continues. In This Episode: to be Community Owned Saga Continues. In This Episode: to be Community Owned

trim.pngIn another episode of the saga, Nambu’s Eric Woodward, announced that the service will be opened to the community on September 15, 2009 and the code will be released under the MIT open-source license.

Woodward also promised that he will continue to cover financial costs to continue the service. Donations are welcome and accepted. Further on it was announced that data will be released in real-time to anyone interested and that the possibility to use the platform on self-maintained domains will be offered as well.

Personally I am getting a little bored of the constant change in direction coming from Nambu and I do not expect anything else than a news update in the next days, announcing that has been sold.

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  • I don’t appreciate the constant repositioning from the Nambu network regarding but hopefully things will settle down now.

    I DO think, however, that this is just a case of having to grow up in public. Clearly, they were trying to communicate publically before having thought through various strategies.

    The one thing I really miss from them is some statement about the Nambu Twitter client. What does all this mean for the client?

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