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Tumblr Mocks BP Oil Execs, Partners With Charities

Tumblr Mocks BP Oil Execs, Partners With Charities

It looks like Tumblr has had its fill of the oil fiasco that has now turned the bluish green gulf of Mexico into a red and black dead zone that is threatening wildlife (as the image above shows).

In order to encourage users to help fund efforts to protect what’s left of the gulf ecosystem, Tumblr has changed everyone’s dashboard background to a “heart-of-BP-executive black” unless they choose to donate $5 to a specific charity.

As we’re all aware by now, one of the worst environmental disasters in recorded history is underway in the Gulf.

As helpless as you may feel, you can do something right now by donating to a Gulf protection group like Save Our Gulf, the National Audubon Society, or the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

To get all of you involved this week, we’re replacing Tumblr’s usual ocean blue with a new heart-of-BP-executive black and letting you donate without leaving your Dashboard. (Tumblr Staff Blog)

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Tumblr is encouraging users to donate at least $5, and is currently matching donations given by generous Tumblrs who want to aid in the effort to preserve the gulf of Mexico (or who just hate the black dashboard background).

Not everyone is happy with the change, as a few users have voiced objection to the new black background, although most thus far like Tumblr’s initiative, with a few announcing in the comment section that they have donated as well.

It will be interesting to see whether other blog platforms follow a similar path with their users, especially Six Apart (who owns Typepad and Movabletype) who recently purchased a green media company.

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