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Voice cloning recreates historic Supreme Court case

Voice cloning recreates historic Supreme Court case

"Cloning Historic Voice"

In a remarkable blend of technology and history, voice cloning technology has been used by Northwestern University’s Professor Emeritus Jerry Goldman to reproduce the pivotal arguments from the Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education. The technology has brought the esteemed voices of Justices, including Thurgood Marshall, to life for a new audience of students and legal professionals.

This ground-breaking project not only commemorates the monumental case that changed the trajectory of American civil rights, it also showcases the far-reaching capabilities of modern voice cloning technology. Goldman and his diverse team developed a Supreme Court multimedia database, of which this technology is a progressive extension.

The project, titled “Revisited”, was born out of a collaborative effort involving various entities, such as the Knight Lab at the Medill School of Journalism, Joe Germuska, and the AI firm Respeecher. An innovative undertaking, “Revisited” aimed to revolutionize the way we produce and consume media.

Recreating historic court case through voice cloning

The synergy between the involved parties further bolstered the project’s influence in the research and development sphere.

“Revisited” saw the creation of voice models based on readings by voice actors, which were fine-tuned using AI and blended with original audio footage. Careful sound design helped to craft an immersive and authentic experience. The final stages of the project involved a collaboration with the Spooler, an interactive audio company, and a design firm from Sicily, resulting in a ‘deeptrue’ audio record of the court proceedings.

This ‘deeptrue’ audio record accurately reproduces the distinct voices of prosecutors, defendants, and witnesses, achieving an authentic documentation of court events. Moreover, the project serves as an innovative and accessible solution for accurately documenting legal proceedings.

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The endeavor, backed by individuals, national law firms, and community organizations, is a tribute to the plaintiffs and their families who participated in the lawsuit. Their courage and determination to face adversity head-on, in the name of justice and equality, serve as the backdrop for this advancement in historical documentation.

The effort is more than just a technological breakthrough, it is an homage to the resilience, and indomitable spirit of those who challenge the status quo and tirelessly strive for justice. Their contribution through this landmark court case continues to inspire others, and now, with incredible advancements, their voices can be heard with newfound clarity.

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