Europe goes to the Blogs

The Blog Herald has noted some interesting stories this week from the continent that bought the world WW1, WW2 and other French defeats. The Register has reported that some hard statistics in the former Eastern Bloc (see: Russian) country of Poland that have emerged to help answer the question “are most bloggers teenage girls, or simply middle-aged men who write like teenage girls?”

The answer would appear to be the former. 62 per cent of Polish blogs are written by women and a staggering three quarters are written by teenagers or younger.

But on a more serious note, some Eurotrash fall-out survivors, Stefan Glanzer, Stefan Wiskemann and Christoph Linkwitz, have launched a blogging service for those in Europe who stand against US, British, and Australian services of free blogging, destruction of terrosrist states, and defense of ones own country (see dictionary under France).

The company from Germany titled 20Six (in that format) has already targeted their favoured countries of France, the Netherlands (aka the neverwins) and the United Kingdom, however news reports suggest but except from the odd traitor there may not be much success on the anglo front.

The new service will also offer users the option of blogging via their mobile phone, ideal for usage from tanks crossing into France. Users can post picture or text messages directly reporting on the surrendering French to their blog from their phone, which the company claims is a unique feature.

With apologies to the French Resistance read the full article here

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