Bloggers Gain Libel Protection in US

Wired reports that the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that bloggers, website operators and e-mail list editors can’t be held responsible for libel for information they republish, extending crucial US Free speech protections to do-it-yourself online publishers.
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Google discriminates against blogs

There is much ado with the news of Google toolbar v2 with support for blogger posts, however little has been said over the snub to exclude most blogs from the Google adsense program. Despite Googles recent purchase of PyraLabs and the popular Blogger, Google only demonstrates here either a total ignorance of the reach blogs have, or do not take the medium seriously. And to rub insult to injury, some blogs have managed to sign up and others have been rejected.
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PMachine: alternative to Movable Type not quite MT

Being a MovableType fan, straying from the norm is always a big change. A recent post on another blog stated that the Blog Herald was a good site, but lacked in not covering Grey Matter. I can’t find that post today: if the poster reads this, please trackback, however there is a reason I don’t cover Grey Matter, I like Noah Grey, in particular I like his photolog, as for Grey Matter, I found it difficult and couldn’t get it working in full. In writing this article I started with Nucleus and then tried Textpattern. I was ready to write reviews on both, but I couldn’t get either running in full, without writing raw script. Am I deficent in my blogging: most likely, however for my new project: a blog from the blogger who edits the blog herald, I discovered pMachine, and after all but 30 minutes, I can say that there is an alternative to market leader MT, its not all that hard, and despite the php learning curve, has great features has some good features, however after some time with PMachine, I am longing to return to MT.
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MSNBot boycotters can’t participate

Q Daily News reports that a number of blogs participating in the MSNBot boycott can’t participate as their blogs live in subdirectories, and that the robot.txt file they are utilising must be in the root directory. We learn more about robots every day!

Blog standards

There’s been plenty of talk lately on a new syndication format and API for blogging named Echo being run by Sam Ruby. Whilst sharing the same name as my car minus a Toyota logo the Blog Herald support the push that will see vendor neutral blogging in the near future. The project is being supported by the likes of Mena Trott of Six Apart, creators of Movable Type, but is strangely not being supported by the makers of PMachine. The Blog Herald will watch with interest, and encourages support by visiting the RoadMap to Echo site.

Blog Herald calls for photo ban from Candidate Blogs: Would you vote for this man?

head2004.jpg US Democratic Party candidate for the 2004 Presidential race Dennis Kucinich has received a lot of media attention recently for his campaign blog. Whilst not being an expert on American politics, one would have to ask, would you vote for this man after taking one look at his photograph. The Blog Herald does not burden viewers with scary shots of its writer’s heads, and neither should Dennis Kucinich. But to be fair to all candidates the Blog Herald calls upon an immediate ban from all US presidential candidates from having head shots on their websites unless accompanied by parental warnings so as not to cause nightmares or uncontrollable laughter.

Blogging by chat box

PRNewswire reports on new blogging provider MindSay providing blogging via AIM and Yahoo Messenger. Apparently MindSay has its own chatbots ready and waiting to identify the chat-blogger and post their blog from the comfort of their own chat box.
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MSNBot and the Boycott call: Microsoft bashing in a Google monopoly market

Recent news on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog in relation to the new MSN Search facilities and an MSNBot hitting sites has really stirred up the zeal in many a blogger with calls to block the bot lead by Jonathan Franzen Maciej Ceglowski of Idle Words The Blog Herald says, lets support competition, with a sense of irony given that Googles competition is coming from the planets largest monopolist.
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