Collectrix LLC sues Userland, Google, WordPress and Six Apart

Following the announcement that Collectrix LLC holds a patent on One-Click BlogginG, lawyers from the dotcom issued cease and desist letters to four companies all accused of infringing on the intellectual property of the Dallas-based start-up.

Userland executives, creators and developers of Manila and Radio, two automated weblogging systems had nothing to say when asked earlier in the day to comment on the lawsuit. Google, owners of Blogger, a popular automated weblogging system, told reporters that it is looking into the accusations., creators of an open-sourced weblogging system, told reporters that they were in contact with lawyers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation but had no further comment. Six Apart, creators of Movable Type, a weblogging system, also refrained from commenting at this time.

Little is known currently, but Tim Swanson, spokesman for Collectrix LLC told reporters that, “this was the first in a series of potential suits to set up a licensing and royalty system for intellectual property that Collectrix LLC was recently issued a patent for. We are confident that this will hold up in court, the law is on our side”.

from Tim Swanson

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