Blogging Workshops

37signals and Coudal Partners Announce Business Blogging Workshops

37signals, a web design and usability firm, and Coudal Partners, a creative agency, are teaming up to offer BloggingWorks, a workshop on the rapidly growing Web trend of business blogging. The workshop teaches businesses how to use blogs to make company sites more compelling and intranets more effective. It takes place twice, once on Friday, Sept. 19th and again on Friday, Oct. 3rd, at Coudal Partners studios just west of Chicago’s Loop.

Anglosphere: Converging universes

An excellent piece at UPI on the influence the Blogosphere is having on politics in the Anglosphere, with a notable quote:
“reporters are more and more relying on the blogosphere for research and background, and more and more aware that the blogosphere has the power to expose quickly errors that previously could be buried”

Die Spammer Die!

To the spammer that bought down our server for nearly two days, The Blog Herald says die!
Our apologies for The Blog Heralds disappearance over the weekend, our service provider had a major outage caused by a spammer which has now been rectified, however having said this the complete and utter lack of communication from HostDepartment is also cause for alarm and we will now consider hosting elsewhere. If anybody has any suggestion for low priced, high quality serving, please let us know.
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Blogging 2010

Dave Pollard provides an thought provoking piece on the future of blogging to 2010, whilst some points are arguable it is always interesting to consider the path of blogging in the future

SharpReader gets the thumbs up

With all the RSS hype in the blogosphere its hard to find a rss reader of note that costs nothing. Critics may say that payment for product is only a fair process but in the era of free the lack of free, quality RSS readers can only hinder groeth in the sector. And then we discovered SharpReader from Luke Hutteman.
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