The rise of blogging

Filed as News on September 1, 2003 9:22 pm

by Duncan

Internet giants catch on to blogs / Major portals provide services for online journals

“It definitely seems like blogging is losing its underground image,” said Matthew Haughey, co-author of the book “We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs” and co-founder of Blogroots, a Web site that chronicles blogging news.

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  1. By Indigo posted on September 2, 2003 at 4:34 am
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    I think the underground status is more attractive as an elite idea than as a reality anyway. I love the potential blogging has to be a truly uncontrollable collective voice of the people. I don’t want to have to rely on Fox news, or any of the corporate media, to bring me the story of what is going on in my world. I trust the collective voice of individuals speaking their version of the truth more. Then I can weigh all of that and decide for myself what the real story is. The more participants in such a structure the more effective it is in really representing “the truth,” so long as the tools for organizing all that info keep up. That is why sites like this one are so important, as well as ongoing blog tool development that seeks to organize all these voices so that the most important messages actually get through to the people who want to hear them.

  2. Keeping trackSeptember 1, 2003 at 9:50 pm