Windows to Power ATMs

Wired News is reporting that 65% of bank ATMs in the US will be running Windows by 2005, resulting in a surge in the purchase of pillow slips, metal boxes and shovels.

Australian banking analysts are reporting that banks will now have a new excuse when robbing customers blind with exorbitant bank fees; with bank IT departments already preparing for the change by pre-booking job advertisements for extra IT support staff. It is yet to be seen if the Commonwealth Banks new IT rollout, which prompted the sacking of over 3000 positions, will include Windows software, although it is believed that if it does, the banks promised levels of increased customer service may be difficult to achieve.

Hurricane blogs emerge from the eye of the storm

Hurricane Isabel struck the East Coast of the US this week and bloggers were once again at the front line of this major story with blogs covering the storm and its damage.
WVEC put together a communal blog encouraging readers to contribute stories and pictures,
AOML looks at the question “why don’t we nuke the hurricane?”
The Armed Prophet seems to enjoy the whole thing
Justin Hawkins provides design skills to the saga covers it in one of their many MT powered blogs
Chris-Place has an amazing photo of the Hurricane from a ship at sea
Reisha Toei has some nice pics of the event

UPDATE: if you are looking for information on Hurricane Katrina the following posts may be of assistance:
Blogging Hurricane Katrina covers blogs covering Katrina
Has the MSM gone to the blogs over Katrina? covers the mainstream news coverage

If you are seeking loved ones, or wish to appeal for details on missing people, please post in the comments at Hurricane Katrina missing persons appeal

News Wrap 20 September 2003

There has been much ado in the Blogosphere in the last seven days, in a week our host made life hell. Rather than pick over the best stories one by one, we have purged our bookmarks of the week that was blogging in the Blog Herald New Wrap 4
Gay Basher Eric Rassmussen gained more publicity this week over his anti-gay blog in the Washington Times
Brent Todd from The Weblog Review had an article published at Tech TV on the Top Five Tips for Bloggers asks the perenial question: ‘Blogs:’ What’s the big deal, anyway?
Blogger co-founder Evan Williams won a MIT Technology Review Award
The Buzz at World on the Web is improving its coverage of blogging all the time and worthy of a read
Victor Keegan reports on the Guardian’s experimental linking of editorial comment and the world of the blog during this month’s WTO summit
News Sites Loosen Linking Policies from OJR looks at linking in the corporate world
In a bizarre article titled: Teen Television Star Allison Mack Launches New Internet Trend some US TV personality seems to be taking credit for Blogging, or maybe its just a badly written headline
Harvey Pekars blog gets a good write up at USA Today

When Hosts bite: The Blog Herald returns after forced break

Having had our host change all our server settings around making Movable Type about as useful as a car without fuel, The Blog Herald has returned with a tale of woe: Yes it can happen to you, and choose your web hosts wisely.

There are a couple of changes to the site, some direct story links into the new site will not work once the domain is pointing at the new host due to the MT import function re-doing archives based on the Blog Herald only and not the other blogs I run (MT allocates individual archive files if you have multiple blogs from the one install of MT). We apologise for this inconvenience. Also the RSS feeds will not be updating until the name server change has finished.

For the record we have signed up with Cyberwurx on the nice things TBlack from things that make you go mmm have said about them, and naturally the price was right and there is unlimited domain hosting.

more blog news more often, more often now we are back up and running

Moreover announces ‘first’ in weblog search

Netimperative> Moreover Technologies has launched a weblog search tool specifically developed for businesses, which it claims to be a world first.

The company said it has selected more than 25,000 ‘business critical weblogs’ that the search tool will scan for information, allowing corporate users to quickly access the “high value news, commentary and consumer opinion that resides within blogs”.
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Is Google copying Microsoft tactics with Blogger?

The widely reported news this week of the decision by Google to provide the currently paid Blogger Pro service for free, whilst praised in the Blogging Community, raises questions about the ethics behind Googles uber-predatory pricing structure given increasing competition from new starters in the blogging sector such as TypePad, 20six, Sparkpod and others. Reminicent of the Microsoft Internet Explorer vs Netscape wars of the 1990’s, there is little doubt that Google is trying to increase market share, and in doing so threatens its competition on the one ground they will strugle to come close to: price.
The Blog Herald asks: is this sort of behaviour acceptable from search giant Google? What we do know that like Operating Systems and Internet Browsers, market dominance and a reduction in competition only results in high costs and lower levels of innovation over the longer term.

It’s Time to Blog Hard News on Your Site

Facinating look and the convergance between traditional media and blogging
Editor & Publisher | It’s Time to Blog Hard News on Your Site
Newspapers Can Outrun TV

“A couple of weeks ago, a reporter for NBC affiliate KFOR TV in Oklahoma City, Okla., Sarah Stewart, was covering a high-profile murder trial. She spent her days in court watching and reporting on the proceedings, and produced TV news segments for the noon, early-evening, and late-evening newscasts. But she also maintained a Weblog for during the trial, using a laptop and cell-phone connection to the Internet to post hourly text reports — or more frequently if courtroom events warranted.”

Prof’s Anti-Gay Blog Returns To University Website

An interesting question of free speech vs hate speech.> Prof’s Anti-Gay Blog Returns To University Website

“A day after Indiana University ordered the removal of one of its professors web log that contained anti-gay postings, it has been reinstated.”

“A university attorney determined that the web log, or blog, did not violate any school policies, and that removing it could be a violation of Professor Eric Rasmusen’s right of free speech.”

“Rasmusen who teaches business uses the postings to condemn gays and calls for gays and lesbians to be removed from jobs as teachers, elected officials and doctors.”

“Among the postings is one equating gays to child molesters.”

“Male homosexuals, at least, like boys and are generally promiscuous. They should not be given the opportunity to satisfy their desires,” the posting says.”