Christmas Blog Awards 2003 winners

Well its late Christmas eve, and having survived the last minute shopping frenzy its time to pick some winners for the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards. Whilst trying to avoid the term first annual, perhaps the term last annual may be more appropriate, for the lack of interest in Christmas in the blogosphere has truly disappointed us. Visit nearly all of the top 100 blogs, or even top 1000, and you will see little interest in the spirit of Christmas. Is Christmas dead in the Blogosphere? We hope not!. But enough negative, because the few entries we received are worthy of praise. For the award Best Christmas Decoration of a Blog, AT the HEART of IT wins for its traditional spread with Off on a Tangent receiving an honourable mention for cutest Christmas decoration.
Scorpio Girl wins best Christmas posting, not only because she was the only entry but because her post highlights some of the differences experienced throughout the world on Christmas Day.
I think next year we might look for some sponsorship and incentivise the whole thing: Christmas is a special time of year, whether you are religious or not, and it is disappointing that many do not embrace it.
Our thanks and congratulations to the winners, may all your christmas wishes come true.

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    Thank-YOU!!! (blush/blush!) YOU gave me a wonderful unexpected present.

    May all YOUR Christmas Dreams come true, and terrific things come to you and yours in the New Year.

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    Hi there, just stepping by to wish you all a very merry Christmas, all the way from The Netherlands! And for all the Dutch Bloggers who live in foreign countries: Zalig Kerstmis vanuit Nederland!

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    I wrote a letter to Santa (with a roller derby wishlist) on one of my blogs. I wrote a suggestion post, on my other business blog, for writing Christmas blog entries.

    The spirit of Christmas is out there with the smaller blogs.

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    Thanks for making me you one of your Best Christmas Blog Awards 2003 winners!

    An true honour – but I’d love to have had some competition. Maybe next year…


  1. An Unexpected Surprise!!!
    As anyone that visits ATtheHEARTofIT with any regularity, might have noticed… This wee-blog changed it’s clothes, some time ago, in celebration of this wonderful season