Microsoft bloggers come to MSDN

Filed as General on January 12, 2004 9:10 pm

by Duncan

Microsoft is adding Web logs published by its employees to its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), the company’s main site for software developers.

The almost 100 blogs are currently published on a little-known Microsoft site called GotDotNet. They will be an integrated part of the MSDN site, said Sara Williams, product unit manager of Microsoft’s MSDN group and a Microsoft blogger.

“Microsoft employees will be blogging on MSDN instead of GotDotNet. Having the blogs on MSDN makes it easier for developers to find and share information,” Williams said.

Additionally, Microsoft employee blogs on, another niche Microsoft site for developers, will be linked on the MSDN site, Williams said. The MSDN blogs, at, were to be officially launched last Friday, Williams said last week.

The blogs are postings by Microsoft employees on a personal-journal type Web page mostly about the company’s technologies and targeted at software developers. Readers can provide comment and by doing so discuss topics with Microsoft employees.

Microsoft started the GotDotNet Web site ( in late 2000 as a way to communicate with developers about its .Net framework. Blogging support was added about a year ago, according to Williams.

via Computerworld Australia

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