Trippi’s bet on Net will pay off far into the future

Filed as News on February 11, 2004 9:05 pm

by Duncan

Although we start with the disclaimer that we don’t follow the Democratic nominees, former Howard Dean staffer Joe Trippi has said some interesting things about the role of blogs and the internet in general that are worthy of presenting. We’ve included some choice quotes below, but the full article is worth a quick read.
Trippi’s bet on Net will pay off far into the future | Mercury News
“Trippi was right about plenty of things last year. He bet that savvy use of the Internet, plus unprecedented reliance on and trust in people at the edges of networks, could help turn a “who’s he?” candidate into a genuine contender for the nomination.”
“Dean has flaws as a candidate that hurt him, but that doesn’t mean the Internet model of political organization is a failure. Witness the rapid adoption of Weblogs, MeetUps and online fundraising by the other candidates.”

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