Japanese Web star spreads blogging gospel

Seattlepi>Snapshots of his pet dog, thoughts on democracy and a recipe for bamboo shoots clutter Joichi Ito’s Web journal, a lively peek into the tireless mind of one of Japan’s biggest Internet stars. After developing some of the country’s hottest Net ventures, the 37-year-old entrepreneur has a new mission: Making the journals known as weblogs, or blogs, not just a thriving business but also a key element of everyday life here. read more>

The Expanding Blogosphere

AJR> When political bloggers bay in the blogosphere, do political reporters hear them? The answer, I quickly learned, depends on four factors: how you define “political blog”; which political bloggers you mean; which political reporters you mean; and–not to go all Bill Clinton on you–what the meaning of “hear” is. read more>

Bloggers find ways to profit

Another blogging for profit yarn:
SFGate> Web logs, or blogs, which started out as a labor of love, are becoming a moneymaker for writers who are selling advertising on their sites.
Some top bloggers who carry advertising say they make hundreds or, in a few cases, thousands of dollars a month. The typical take is more like $20 to $50 a month, which covers the cost of running a typical Web site. read more>

Hollywood Mystery Man ‘Rance’ Has Internet Abuzz

Is it Afleck or Cooney, or just a kook? who knows?
Reuters>He skewers Hollywood and the cult of celebrity on an anonymous Web log that has spawned a cult following. He claims to be an A-list actor, writing under a pseudonym, but admits he may not be believed.
Who, exactly, is “Rance?”
Could he really be, as some believe, Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, Jim Carrey or even George Clooney? The answer may perhaps be found somewhere in the entries on his Weblog — or “blog” — which applies a trenchant wit and jaundiced insider’s eye in chronicling the life of a Hollywood celebrity. Then again, it could all be a hoax. read more>

Stewart Kirkpatrick v Bloggers

Stewart Kirkpatrick at the Scotsman continues to write off blogs in his latest effort to out do Andrew Orlowski from The Register, what do you think? are blogs dead?
The Scotsman> Here is the news: blogs are dead. For a while the e-chattering classes couldn’t get enough of these online journals. But now they’ve jumped the shark. While there are still many vibrant blogs out there they are eclipsed by the turgid, the rubbish and the abandoned. The proof that the whole game’s a bogey is that novelty blogs are taking over. read more>

For Some, the Blogging Never Stops

NY Times> O celebrate four years of marriage, Richard Wiggins and his wife, Judy Matthews, recently spent a week in Key West, Fla. Early on the morning of their anniversary, Ms. Matthews heard her husband get up and go into the bathroom. He stayed there for a long time. “I didn’t hear any water running, so I wondered what was going on,” Ms. Matthews said. When she knocked on the door, she found him seated with his laptop balanced on his knees, typing into his Web log, a collection of observations about the technical world, over a wireless link. read more>

Wired Cosmo’s Denton

In arguably one of the most feminine fluff pieces from Wired for a long time (the sub headline reads: “Hot gossip! Cool gadgets! Gawker & Gizmodo, Fleshbot & Wonkette! Inside Nick Denton’s plan to become the nanopublishing media mogul.”) Steve Levy takes a rather comical look at Gawker Media uber-blogger Nick Denton.
Wired> “…Rumour on the street is that Nick Denton is apparently back in the good graces of Soho House, the members-only meat-district watering spot favoured by Brit journalists, after he was almost kicked out when Gawker wrote about “the dirty carpet” in the “snotty exclusive private club…” read full story>

Wanted: people who have stopped using MT

Duncan Riley> our first wanted ad! I’m putting together a little project yet to be officially named (and I’m not giving away too many hints at this stage) and I’m looking for people who have stopped using MT for blogging and are now using other stand alone blogging platforms, such as WordPress, PMachine and similar.
I’m no Denton or Calacanis, so there’s no pot of money for contributing, only the glory of free promotion and seeing your words and face on a new website. I need your story about changing, the positives, and preferably a picture of yourselves, and naturally your blogs details. Your content may be shortened or used in extract when published but your words will not be changed, and each story published will include a link to your blog. So start writing, tentative launch date is 2 weeks so start sending them to [email protected]. Also anybody wishing to contribute tech guides or review guides on non MT blogging platforms I’d like to here from you!