Denton labels Business 2.0 foolish, narcissistic

Gawker Media uber-blogger Nick Denton has responded to a Business 2.0 report that Gawker sites were making $6,000 per site per month as foolish: “Business 2.0’s financial guesswork is again heroic to the point of foolishness”.
In a stylish response Nick states: “For a business piece written by a gossip columnist, it’s not as absurd as it could have been. Greg Lindsay, the writer, makes me out to be more cunning than I am — but that’s kind of flattering.”
The reasoning for the article and an obsession with blogging “The media is simply narcissistic”. The response is definitely worth a full read, as Nick reflects on has the media is reporting on the blogosphere in a thoughtful and witty manner.

JBoss Caught in Anonymous Posting Scheme

Slashdot is reporting that evidence has emerged thatJBoss has been drumming up business by flooding the net with fake posts and simultaneously attacking competitors, all from behind a safe veil of anonymity. “The evidence shows how a corporation can manipulate popular opinion via anonymous personalities, that open source companies can be just as ruthless as closed source when it comes to marketing their wares”

How To Build A Blog

CBS on how to build a blog
CBS> If you’re paying attention to the web or just modern culture, you’ve probably heard of “blogs,” short for web logs. A blog is basically just a web site that’s organized chronologically. It is often used as a way for its creator (“blogger”) to share his or her innermost thoughts, but a blog can be used for any type of information. read more>

Mena spits the dummy over SixApart disaster

The once popular co-founder of SixApart, Mena Trott, has today spat the dummy at her once loyal support base over the hot topic in the blogosphere this week: the new licensing arrangements for the once popular Movable Type blogging product.
In a post to the Six Log, Mena calls for further feedback on the licensing structure: Mena:”I left the TrackBacks on for all the other posts because we genuinely wanted to get all feedback, positive and negative. Now, I’m looking for rational, just the facts sort of posts with simple information. Please, no commentary, no cussing, no judgments.” ie we don’t really want your opinion, please beg for a better licensing system. But wait, it gets better, for goodness sake don’t disagree with her: Mena: “To keep focus on scenarios that can help shape changes in the licensing, I’m going to delete TrackBacks that are detracting or commentaries on Six Apart” We predict this post will last 5 seconds on the SixLog trackback register, if we haven’t already been blacklisted already.
And heres my final two bobs worth for today: if SixApart wants to survive this sack some staff, use the money to hire some decent PR people and some external marketing consultants, and you may still have a viable business in 6 months. And I promise not to write anything further on MT until I convert to another blogging tool.

Nick Denton in Business 2.0

The NY Post reports that Gawker media uber-blogger Nick Denton has done an interview with Business 2.0. Unwilling to pay for the subscription to Business 2.0, we cant report on much of the content, however the Post reports that Business 2.0 estimates Denton’s business, Gawker Media, is grossing about $250,000 per year and could generate $1 million in revenues next year. Gawker and Wonkette are both in the black and generating about $6,000 per month in revenue. Interesting figures. Just enough to pay for a few installations of Movable Type 3.0.

French blogger arrested for blog content

Loic Le Meur Blog> Christophe blogs on He is a citizen of the city Puteaux that is close to Paris. Christophe does not like the way the city mayor manages the city, spends the public money and says it on his blog, every day. He has been very successful doing that, with hundreds of inhabitants of Puteaux reading and commenting his blog everyday and many national newspapers that talked about his blog. read more>

Friends don’t let friends do MT 3: looks like MT 3 sucks as well as costs too much

As Ben & Mena Trott of SixApart cower from the massive revolt their once loyal fanbase (including The Blog Herald) have started over the MT3 pricing model, reports are surfacing that MT 3 is bad news for blogging, as well as the hip pocket. Kevin McGehee of blogoSFERICS posts that “The user interface sucks. I couldn’t get the upgrade script to run properly, and comments are broken and when I tried to restore 2.661, it didn’t work”.
The whole episode is shaping up as a text book case of bad marketing and the potential decline of SixApart will surely be recorded in books. Ben and Mena Trott owe much of their success to the great word of mouth and free advertising they received from bloggers world wide over several years based on a FREE Movable Type. They received the same support when they launched the hosted and paid version TypePad as most respected their need to make money. But now by shafting the very people who made them they will suffer the consequences. For The Blog Herald, like many MT bloggers at the moment, it’s not a matter of if we will change; it’s just a matter of time and picking the best alternative.