Sun’s Schwartz Ponders Blogging

eWeek> The president of Sun Microsystems Inc. is looking at ways to express his views and thoughts on certain things to the public, quite possibly in a Weblog, he said Monday. Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun, said he is seriously considering maintaining his own blog to communicate with the public regarding Java, Sun and other issues. read more>

Forced Registration: Isn’t There a Better Way?

Interesting post a about the growing trend of forced registration to read articles on media sites.
Had the shock of my life when I discovered to my horror that my old home town rag, the Sydney Morning Herald, was about to introduce registration. Whilst I’ll probably register here, there are plenty of sites that I dont visit because of registration. Lets just hope that some of the bigger blogs don’t start heading in this direction as well.

Net fans jolted by man’s blog hoax

Sicko or new age cyber author? you be the judge……> “For more than three years, a twenty-something Minnesota woman named Layne Johnson lured thousands of people to her Web site every day with a poignant and brutally honest diary of her life….Then, three weeks ago, the “Plain Layne” Web log mysteriously disappeared from the Internet, sending her fans into a tizzy. Now the person behind Layne has come forward and admitted that it was all an elaborate hoax.” read full story>

AP to Launch Its First Blogs at Pol Conventions

Editor & Publisher> The Associated Press will launch its first Web log at the political conventions in Boston and New York, utilizing Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Walter R. Mears, AP officials announced Monday. “We like to try new things at the conventions because we have such a large staff in one place,” AP’s Washington bureau chief, Sandy Johnson, said in a release. read more>

OSX Server to include Blog server

News from Apple that they are serious about serving the blog hosting community with a preview of the OSX Server v10.4 (Tiger) at the Apple site listing the following:
“A new Weblog server in Tiger Server makes it easy to publish, distribute and syndicate web-based content. The Weblog server provides users with calendar-based navigation and customizable themes, is fully compatible with Safari RSS and enables posting entries using built-in web-based functionality or with weblog clients that support XML-RPC or the ATOM API. The Weblog Server, based on the popular open source project “Blojsom,” works with Open Directory for user accounts and authentication”

Lycos Launches free Tripod Moblogging: may start price war

Terra Lycos today launched new enhanced free features to its Blog Builder™ tool taking the Lycos Blog Builder to the next level and potentially making it a threat to some of the more established blog providers.

The new enhancements include free moblogging, new digital media uploading tools to allow the easy addition of photos, video and audio to blogs, all with the release of previously paid features to free members, including spell check, community blogs and advanced customization.
[Read more…] author Ana Marie Cox is fearless driver of Beltway buzz

Some more good coverage for the leading Gawker Media blog
Seattle Times> Welcome to the white-hot center of Washington’s most salacious gossip. Never mind that it’s a blue-trimmed house with a shaggy lawn plopped squarely in suburbia — Wonkette lives here, armed with a PowerBook and a wicked tongue. For the uninitiated, is the fearless political gossip blog generating buzz inside the Beltway and beyond, and Ana Marie Cox is the wit behind it. read more>

Saving Shakespeare’s blog

Globe and Mail> The British Library, famed for a collection that includes a First Folio of Shakespeare, two Gutenberg Bibles and the scribbled lyrics to I Want to Hold Your Hand, is starting the initial phase of a project that may eventually lead to it archiving all British Web sites, including blogs read more>

Speculation that Bill Gates will launch personal blog

Microsoft founder and worlds richest man (most months) Bill Gates is set to launch his own personal blog according to speculation in his home town

The report states that Microsoft spokesman Mark Murray would not confirm the rumour, but left open the possibility, saying, “Bill would love to do his own blog at some point in the future, time permitting.” He did however go on to say: “Bill Gates and Microsoft are very enthusiastic about blogging. Bill talked a lot about the power and potential of blogging at the [recent] CEO Summit and the advantages it gives to communicating and sharing information with a wide range of potential audiences.”

Blog Herald view: given the talking up of blogging by Microsoft: looks like Billblog is going to happen.

ANA to Open Annual Conference to Marketing Bloggers

(via Steve Rubel) Adrants> The Association of National Advertisers, the industry trade association that represents 340 companies with 8,000 brands that collectively spend over $100 billion in marketing communications and advertising, will issue media credentials to established marketing bloggers for its upcoming annual conferences. read more>